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Ever heard of Mephobia?

Don’t worry it wasn’t until a recent tattoo trend that we discovered it. Is it a medical condition or is it just a trendy concept?

In this full guide, we will clear up the mystery surrounding Mephobia and look at the meaning behind getting a Mephobia face tattoo. 

What is Mephobia?

Since phobia is usually the fear of something, me-phobia is the fear of your own awesomeness. It’s a term used to describe the belief that you’re so great, that the world can’t handle it and they end up dying.

A quick search of Mephobia and you may be left scratching your head. Mephobia isn’t real since nothing about the ‘phobia’ is mentioned in medical journals, and it is definitely not in the dictionary—unless you count the Urban Dictionary.

We raised an eyebrow and felt a good dose of skepticism when we first learned of Mephobia face tattoos and came across those who call it a real mental health issue. There aren’t any reputable sources that say this phobia is real; instead, it is attributed to the day and age we’re living in. 

The internet is widely accessible and has opened up the world of online discourse and debate. We’re sure you’ve been part of such a discussion yourself at one time or another and came across a know-it-all who is arrogant, self-serving, and just plain annoying.

Well, this is where the word ‘Mephobia’ comes from. It’s used to describe those with an inflated ego. Of course, if you’re big-headed enough, you can call yourself Mephobic because you think you’re remarkable enough to bring the world to an end. 

So, Mephobia can be used as an insult or a compliment; it depends on who says it.

Worried that you may suffer from Mephobia? Here are some of the associated ‘symptoms.’

  • You constantly find yourself daydreaming about your awesomeness. 
  • You believe everyone is jealous of you. 
  • You imagine walking in public with people falling at your feet. 
  • You relate with the attitude of kings and queens and often act like one yourself. 
  • Your phone constantly runs out of space due to taking too many selfies. 

The concept of Mephobia has only been around for a few years. If you’re one for trends and you’re considering getting a Mephobia face tattoo, we recommend you do some research about slang words or sayings and how they often tend to disappear with time. 

If you don’t care that no one will know the meaning of the Mephobia face tattoo in a few years, and you have no problem being a reminder of online forums like Reddit, then this tattoo may be perfect for you to show the world how grand you think you are

Although Mephobia can be quite a tongue in cheek, some people get a Mephobia face tattoo because it symbolizes courage, determination, perseverance, willpower, strength, drive, and other positive attributes that express that you’ve been through a lot but came out stronger at the end. 

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Who Should Get a Mephobia Tattoo?

Well, we believe that it is your body and your choice how you decorate it. That being said, we would recommend you think twice, three, or even more times about getting a Mephobia face tattoo. 

The meaning behind it may be a great fit, but the fact of the matter is that slang words are fragile things; it usually only stays popular for one to five years before it is forgotten. The first usage of Mephobia can be tracked to April 2011. We realize that’s longer than most other trends stick around for, but we’re still not convinced that anyone will remember the word in a further 10 years.

A Mephobia face tattoo is a bold choice, especially since it is placed on such a prevalent area of your body. You have to ultimately weigh up the short-lived reputation of slang words and whether it is worth it to tattoo such a word on your face—an area that already causes raised eyebrows. 

There truly are no rules other than the ones you make. And, if you badly want a Mephobia tattoo, get creative! Who says it has to be in English?

We realize that you may want it in a language that most people understand so that they can clearly see you’re oozing greatness, but sometimes compromise is good. Another reason why going this route is a better idea is that should the word lose its popularity and you no longer consider yourself so awesome, no one will know the true meaning of your Mephobia face tattoo. 

Whatever you decide, remember, it’s your body and you make the rules. The only thing we suggest is that, like with any tattoo, you think long and hard about what you get and where you put it. Tattoos are a life-long commitment, slang, and current delusions of grandeur not necessarily. 

Final Thoughts 

Now you know a little more about the Mephobia face tattoo meanings. While it’s not a true medical condition, it is a trend that has grown in popularity over the last few years. It has gone from being an insult used to describe those who like to toot their own horn on online forums like Reddit and 4Chan, and people who believe they’re too wonderful for words (except the word Mephobia, of course), to body art.

Although getting a Mephobia face tattoo may be a questionable decision, if you feel it describes your life, then nothing should stop you from sharing it with the world. 

Is your awesomeness great enough to carry such a loaded word? Only you will know but if you get a Mephobia face tattoo, the whole world will know. 

Lastly, keep in mind that face tattoos are a radical choice, which can impact your life negatively. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is ready to accept the artistic freedom of decorating your body with ink. This means you may not get your dream job and may get judged by people and the street; some people may even consider you a common thug if you have a face tattoo of any kind. 

We recommend you invest in a good tattoo cover-up foundation for those occasions where you have to hide a small part of your awesomeness. 

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