Wormhole Tattoo Ink Review: Reviewed By Experts (2024)

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Researching what tattoo brand to support can be a daunting task. So many brands promise you the moon and the stars: the use of high-quality materials, durability, a focus on safety, and much more. But can you believe them? 

The best way to get to the bottom of the truth is to read other tattoo artists’ experiences. Brand review articles like these are great at helping you figure out whether a brand is made out to be all it claims to be. 

In this wormhole tattoo ink review, you’ll read all about Wormhole Tattoo and whether Wormhole Tattoo ink is good and safe, and if their other tattoo supplies are worth your money. 

History of Wormhole Tattoo

Wu Jian is the brains behind Wormhole Tattoo. He established the brand in 2016 and is considered a professional tattoo product designer with more than 10 years of experience. 

Safety is paramount to Wu Jian as he believes it is one of his clients’ top priorities too. So, it goes without saying that his focus has always been on designing products that are safe and reliable.

Due to their precision, safety, and hygiene, Wormhole Tattoo became a market leader in no time. They claim to make high-end tattoo equipment made to the highest medical standards and this has helped them reach cult status. The brand is, however, not known for their tattoo inks. 

They’re synonymous with innovation and quality and are always looking for ways to surprise their users with new concepts and technology. In fact, research and development are considered one of their most important departments. Their product development team is devoted to discovering what new technologies there are in Germany and Japan—two of the most dominant countries in the tattoo industry—and learning all they can from them to improve their own products. What’s more, Wormhole Tattoo aims to build close relationships with professional tattoo artists by considering their needs and wants when designing products. Wormhole Tattoo is currently investigating artificial intelligence in the tattoo industry. Super cool, right?

One would expect to pay an arm and a leg for what is promised, but their ex-factory price is another aspect that makes Wormhole Tattoo stand out. 

Now that you know that Wormhole Tattoo is a worthwhile brand when it comes to tattoo equipment, let’s look at some of their top products to give you an idea of what they have on offer. As mentioned, the brand isn’t known for their tattoo ink…yet.

We’re sure if they pay as much care manufacturing their inks as they do their tattoo equipment, you can pretty soon expect safe, high-quality, durable inks. 

3 Best Wormhole Tattoo Products Reviewed

1. Wormhole Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners 

If you’re just starting out and you’re looking for a tattoo kit that contains all the tools and accessories to get you inking, then this Wormhole Tattoo kit is for you. It is equally useful if you’re still learning how to tattoo and want to make some doodles to get a feel for coil tattoo machines—it includes a practice skin to get you going. 

The budget-friendly price of this tattoo kit makes it a worthwhile investment to start your tattoo journey. Labeled as a professional tattoo kit for beginner tattoo artists, the accessories and ink aren’t necessarily what one would consider professional quality. However, considering the price, this can be a fun little kit to play around with.

Talking about coil tattoo machines, you get two in this kit, and both these machines can be used as a liner or shader. The foot pedal and clip line are of decent quality and will provide you with fast, accurate, and stable volts. As safety is Wormhole Tattoo’s top concern, a high-quality regulator and upgraded power kernels make the tattoo equipment safer to use.

So, what do you get?

As mentioned, you get two coil tattoo machines that can be used as either a liner or shader; a power supply, clip cord, and foot pedal; 10 mini 5ml tattoo inks; practice skin; 30 tattoo needles of various sizes, and other small accessories you need to get inking. 

The kit also includes a 30ml true black tattoo ink, which we think is very considerate of Wormhole Tattoo ink since you run out of black ink very fast, especially while you’re still learning. 

As a beginner, you’ll also appreciate Wormhole Tattoo’s online guide, complete with an instructional video on how to set up your tattoo machines. You also get access to numerous tattoo designs. And, after all that, if you’re still not entirely sure, their after-sales support team will help you out. There’s also a five-year warranty on their tattoo machines that show you just how confident they are in their products.

Wormhole Tattoo really created a winner with this complete tattoo kit for beginners. It includes everything you need to get started on your first tattoo. However, considering the quality of all the bits and bobs, it is not a kit that you’d want to use for too long. 

2. Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit 

If you’re not a fan of coil tattoo machines, then the Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit is a good option as far as beginner tattoo pens go. As with the Complete Kit for Beginners, you get what you need to hone your skill but as Wormhole Tattoo states on their website, the inks and needles are not suitable for human skin.

The ink is also too runny to get the depth of saturation that will do your tattoos justice. The only piece of equipment in this kit you can use to tattoo real people is the tattoo pen. Although it can’t be considered a professional grade, it packs more power than one would expect. 

All in all, rotary tattoo machines are easier to get the hang of than coil tattoo machines. You do have to take care that you go too deep if you’re not careful. We don’t recommend the pen for lining, but it is good at shading; this makes it good for tattoo designs that require a lot of shading. 

We also have to mention that the fake skins included in the kit are a bit thin and tough. This makes it really difficult for a beginner tattoo artist to get a feel for ‘real’ skin as it is too different from human skin.

Ultimately, the Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit is perfect for beginners who are still deciding if they actually want to do tattoos. It allows you to try out tattooing without having to fork out a lot of money for a high-quality, professional machine. You definitely want to invest in a higher-grade tattoo setup once you decide that you want to do tattoos professionally. 

3. Wormhole Shader Tattoo Machine 

Coil tattoo machines are hardworking machines. Considering this, you don’t want any part of your tattoo machine to be made from anything but the best quality materials, especially not plastic. Although the Wormhole shader tattoo machine has a decent-quality frame, it is let down by the fact that the smaller parts are low quality. 

When it comes to handling, coil machines are known for heavy vibration. The Wormhole coil shader, however, has excessive vibration, which will tire out your hand faster than other coil shaders. It’s as if you’re in a constant battle with the tattoo machine to do what you want it to.

There’s also the issue of the machine feeling too loose. Now, we realize that coil tattoo machines need a lot of tuning, but it took a lot of effort and skill to make them run properly. This definitely doesn’t make it beginner friendly. 

So, if it isn’t meant for beginners, who should consider buying the Wormhole coil shader

Artists with experience tuning coil tattoo machines, who are looking to do some super light shading may benefit from this machine. If you’re a professional tattoo artist, you may want to look for a more powerful tattoo machine that will get the ink into the skin more effortlessly. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re tinkering with the idea to take up doing tattoos, then buying a Wormhole Tattoo kit may be the right choice for you—you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get everything you need to practice and figure out if it is for you. More established artists may also want to add the shader or tattoo pen to their kit because although they’re not top quality, they do offer results suited to specific tattoos; ultra-light shading, for example.

There you have it, now it is up to you to decide if Wormhole Tattoo meets your needs. 

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