Vulture Tattoo – Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

Many scientists suspect that tattooing initially had only a religious or ritual significance. Thus, the motives could usually be interpreted as a sign of reverence for the deities or as an expression of the affiliation of a sect.

Even in our time, these types of tattoos are still to be found. Of particular importance are tattoos in the ranking of some castes. They symbolize the function of the individual within the community. In India, for example, women often see elaborate paintings on their hands and feet, which serve as models for the so-called “henna tattoo“. These paintings primarily have a cultural and aesthetic background. Thus, regardless of religion, different customs and traditions have developed, in which the paintings have a special meaning and play a central role.

Even in prisons, this form was and is often a symbol of rank, and not infrequently a form of power performance and has been in use for many centuries to the present day. The most well-known motif is three dots, which are located between thumb and forefinger. In this way, the inmates symbolize their loyalty to the other inmates who can count on not being betrayed.

Another motif used in this institution is the tear under the eye of the prisoner, a symbol that stands for at least ten years that have been spent. After another ten years, the next tear will be stung. Another symbol known from prisons is the spider web that reports on captivity.

The tattoo has long since found its way into the field of fashion and is used here mostly by young people. It is not uncommon for them to be aware that fashionable trends are so named because they last only for a relatively short time. Because, what is trendy today, can be completely out tomorrow. Who wants to wear the once so popular “mullets” today?

Especially fans of punk music express their political opinion by wearing certain tattoo symbols. However, it is nothing new that there are followers in all so-called “scenes” who do not care about the meaning of a tattoo and thus do not understand the background. Thus, the wearing of certain motifs can be attributed to both fashion trends and the need for validity. Likewise, tattoos are popular threats by some groups to their fellow human beings.

Never the less, the tattoo is also perceived by some people as sexually stimulating. It does not necessarily have to be worn visibly, either because it is located in certain areas of the body whose stimuli are to be emphasized, or it is evidence of sexual orientation.

If you want to be up-to-date, visit tattoo fairs where the latest developments in this area are presented. Celebrities from America, in particular, made a major contribution to spreading this fashion by showing their small or larger motifs in public and showing them again and again. Certainly this fact has contributed to the fact that tattoos are now accepted in almost every milieu.

In children the tattooing is prohibited. Therefore, they like to imitate the tattoo by sticking different motives in the form of decals on the skin. They often look really real, but can also be quickly removed with water.

Meanings and Symbolism

Vultures do not form monophyletic taxon. Their similarities fall more than an evolutionary convergence phenomenon as a close relative. They are found in two different types:

  • in the Old World, the Accipitriformes, family Accipitridae, which includes not only the vultures, but also, among others, eagles, buzzards and hawks.
  • in the New World, which includes ciconiiformes, families Cathartidae, condors, vultures and sarcoramphes.

Vulture Tattoo – Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

These two families have undergone convergent evolution as the same ecological niche occupation. To cut carcasses, these types have long neck and bald head. Their wide wings are ideal for long flights, and leveling in search of a carcass.

The term comes from the vulture vultur derived from the Latin word vellere “the puller, the abductor”, via the popular Latin * vultōre root, which is also found in the Italian avvoltore, in the Romanian and Catalan vultur Voltor, and of course in of the genus Vultur.

One of the main anatomical features of the vulture is its head lacks feathers and so instead, It is covered with fine hair. Often attributed an adaptive role to this character, because their force-feeding their heads are very often covered in blood, to cleanse particularly difficult place. They also have a long neck. They are looking for carcasses, especially thanks to their keen eyes. Some observers give them a developed sense of smell, unusual, especially among birds of prey and birds in general.

Vultures only lay one egg per breeding season, which makes them the most vulnerable population. Old World vulture to build a nest, the New World lay on the ground. The vultures feed on carcasses of dead animals. They hunt through flies high in the sky to locate the dead animals or death near. A large prey such as a cow or a camel is often shared by several birds.

These vultures eating habits lead to actively participate in natural and rapid elimination of dead large animals, both wild animals inhabited in thin by human regions of animals, such as sheep or cows. The ecological function of these great birds of prey is very important. By cleaning the carcasses, they can prevent the transmission of disease, or even near the villages, to prevent the stench of rotting bodies or consume household waste.

In Asia and India, the vultures are decimated by chronic kidney failure. It is caused by the ingestion of dead cattle meat, which contains residues of diclofenac, a drug from the class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Three species of vultures have almost disappeared, the others protected by their major distributions. This has negative health consequences: carrion are sources of epidemics, of humans and animals. Other catchers are inadequate or too close in contact with humans.

The vulture was the object of worship in Egyptian mythology: courage symbolizes the maternal values, especially Nekhbet represents Upper Egypt. They also played a role in Zoroastrianism. Thus, in the Parseeism, food is given to bury the dead instead of vultures or firing.

In the West, like many carrion, the vulture is credited with a bad name. They are associated not only with death, but also greedy and pathological expectation that their victim dies.

Thus, a vulture is a person who waits that his victim is weakened and defenseless to be able to loot. In some fiction works like Lucky Luke, Vulture hovers over the troubled signs in the desert or to keep company founders of the city.

Design and Ideas

Nature has always been full of inspiration for people and we can derive so much beauty from nature.

Birds, especially, were important as symbols because of their ability to fly high and reach the heights humans weren’t able to reach in the past. This symbolism remained important until this day and we still use bird symbolism for various purposes, from simple logo design to emblems for secret societies and other various causes.

Birds are simply stunning and complicated creatures that can show us the simplicity and beauty of life, only if we devote them enough attention. Vultures didn’t always have a positive meaning and symbolism, but this opinion wasn’t universal for all cultures. Some of them considered this bird to be a true treasure.

Vultures might seem like a bad idea for a tattoo for some, but they are actually symbols of motherhood and creation and have many other positive symbolical meanings tied to them. Vulture tattoo can be designed as both a large tattoo and small tattoo. If you go for the smaller design, make sure you do just a simple image without a lot of details, since smaller tattoos look best this way.

However, if you have in mind to do a large tattoo then choose a realistic representation of the vulture and place it on your body in a spot with a lot of room. Vultures are beautiful creatures, regardless of their sometime negative symbolism. You can do a colorful tattoo that is going to be perfect on your back or on your arm. Either way, find a tattoo artist that has a lot of experience and come up with a perfect design together with him.

Also, make sure you think about the representation of the vulture, because placing him in different poses can tell a lot about your hidden message that you want to send through your tattoo.

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