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Some tattoo artists call it Millennium Moms, others call it Mom’s Millennium or just Mom’s ink. Chances are that you’ve probably heard it being talked about in one of its forms more than once. Why? Well, it’s truly one of the best quality inks on the market. 

Tattoo artists are always looking to up their game by using inks that truly complement their talents. In this Mom’s tattoo ink in-depth guide and review we will explain why this ink is at the top of the tattoo ink game. 

Why Mom’s Tattoo Ink is Tops

The buzz around Mom’s tattoo ink isn’t unfounded—they make amazing inks and do so consistently. 

The brand started in 1998 and has a variety of tattoo inks to boast with. In fact, they’re known for their assortment of hues—over 120 shades presently—and different sized tattoo ink sets. They even have an ultraviolet set aptly named “Mom’s Nuclear Colors.”

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Mom’s tattoo ink’s awesomeness.  Here are some other reasons why we highly recommend you add Mom’s tattoo ink to your tattoo box

Ink Quality 

They use only pure, uncut, homogenized dispersed pigments to make their inks. This means you can expect to get inks containing a high pigment count, which translates to vibrant tattoos. Their ink is checked more than once for consistency, flow rate, and pigment life. What’s more, their inks are entirely vegan friendly!

Professional tattoo artists especially love Mom’s tattoo ink because it heals remarkably and is long-lasting.


Mom’s tattoo ink comes in 0.5-ounce bottles that come fully sealed. You can trust that the ink in the bottle is free from contamination. In fact, while some other big-brand names have been recalled by the FDA due to contamination with microorganisms over the years, there has been no Mom’s tattoo ink recall…ever. All you basically need to do is check the expiration date before you get inking!  

Color Variety 

If color tattoos are your speciality, then Mom’s tattoo inks are just what you need. Not only are they super vibrant and heal well, but there are more than 120 colors for you to choose from to bring your tattoos to life. 

They also offer great tattoo ink sets that are perfect for beginners who want to add some color to their kit. As mentioned, they carry some interesting colors.

Mom’s Tattoo Ink overview

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Best Mom’s Tattoo Ink Reviews

Mom’s Black Onyx 

Power White Millennial Moms

There’s an ongoing hunt for the blackest black ink. Considering that Mom’s tattoo ink is known for its high pigmentation, you can expect to be stunned by the deepness of this black. 

As with Mom’s color tattoo ink, Black Onyx applies to the skin smoothly. It also heals extremely well, which means your artwork won’t fade to a lighter shade of grey in a few months. 

Mom’s black tattoo ink will surely add to your reputation as a great tattoo artist thanks to its high pigmentation and long-lasting color. 

This ink works great with stick and poke tattoos too! 

Power White Millennial Moms

Power White Millennial Moms

As with Black Onyx, you can expect to get high-quality pigmentation—excellent news, especially for white ink. 

Mom’s tattoo ink may be a little on the pricier side but it’s worth the splurge for what you’re getting. White ink is an important tool to add dimension to any tattoo. And if you plan on doing all-white tattoos, the type of tattoo ink you use is significant. 

There’s also the issue of white inks fading or changing color as time goes by. Not with Mom’s tattoo ink. This ink not only lasts longer than other brands, but since it is so pigmented, you don’t have to worry about it turning yellow, grey, or taking on a bluish tint. 

Knowing all this, it is no wonder that it is the most popular white ink option on Amazon. Power White Millennium Moms is truly the go-to white for professional tattoo artists, and it should be for you too. 

14 Millennium Moms Exotic Set

Fancy doing some jungle pieces or vibrant floral tattoos? Mom’s tattoo ink has just the color set you need to make your floral fantasy come true. 

This ink set contains ½-ounce bottles of the following colors

  1. Danger Zone Orange
  2. Piss Yellow
  3. Chiarina’s kin Tone
  4. Viper Red
  5. Marine Green
  6. Indian Orange
  7. Blue Grass
  8. Luscious Lavender
  9. Burnt Out Orange
  10. Mean Green
  11. Snot Green
  12. Green Gob
  13. 1957 Chevy
  14. Blu Job 

Just looking at the names you can imagine the most wonderful ink artworks coming to life using these Mom’s tattoo inks. 

As with all other inks made by Mom’s, they contain homogenized pigments that help things flow along more smoothly. Vibrancy is a given thanks to the pure pigment content. 

Consistency and long-lasting results are both promises Mom’s made and you can hold them to it since this brand is a time-tested favorite.

Final Words 

If we had to choose one word to describe Mom’s tattoo ink, it would be astonishing. The brand’s name is so well-known that beginner artists who look for the best-quality ink most of the time end up buying Mom’s tattoo ink after reading all the positive reviews. 

The consistency of this ink also lends to Mom’s top-rated status. Your client’s skin will soak it up like a sponge and that is where it will stay forever, looking as bright as the day you did the tattoo. 

So, let’s recap why Mom’s tattoo ink is a top choice:

  • It has a smooth consistency that flows with ease. 
  • It contains pure pigments that make the ink pop. 
  • It’s long-lasting and will stay bright on the skin for years to come. 
  • It’s a trusted brand with a huge array of inks to choose from. 

All in all, Mom’s tattoo ink is everything you’re looking for in a tattoo ink.

The brand also has some other tattoo-related products for you to choose from and we’re sure the quality of these products will be just as high. 

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