Wireless Tattoo Machine: Best Options Reviewed By Experts

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As with most things mechanical, it’s not long before someone comes along and changes the game with a new spin on things. Wireless tattoo machines have done just that—they’ve revolutionized the way tattoos are done. 

If you’ve been in the tattoo industry for a while, you know that wires equal getting tangled. They also pose a risk of carrying bacteria and need to be cleaned and bagged before each client. Ditching the wire removes a lot of unnecessary hassle. We’d even go as far as say it feels liberating! 

In this article, tattoo experts review the best of the best when it comes to cordless tattoo machines. 

5 Best Wireless Tattoo Machines overview

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5 Best Wireless Tattoo Machines

1. Hawink Rotary Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen: Most Reliable

 Hawink Rotary Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen

The Hawink CHC-X-W is one of the most trusted wireless tattoo machines on the market. It’s reliable, powerful, versatile, and priced just right. The pen has an ergonomic grip that feels spot-on in your hand. The grip is somewhat larger than the pen body itself but has a ribbed surface, which gives you more control as you tattoo. 

This wireless tattoo machine comes with 900 mAh lithium batteries that recharge fully in less than two hours. What’s more, the batteries are quick and easy to change, which means you can tattoo for many hours at a time. 

With the Hawink CHC-X-W, you’re not limited to just lining—the needle moves with the help of a stroke wheel, which makes it suitable for numerous tattoo effects. The needle depth is also easily adjusted by turning the handle. 

Why buy the Hawink CHC-X-W?

  • This cordless tattoo machine is highly recommended because of its accurate and consistent performance. It is by far the most reliable wireless tattoo machine on the market currently. The fact that it has minimal vibrations and makes very little noise is another great selling point.

2. Dragonhawk Master Archer: Top Pick

Dragonhawk Master Archer

This wireless tattoo machine may look impractical when you first see its size but don’t worry, it is super lightweight and will transfer ink to the skin effortlessly. It has a sleek and polished surface, which reflects its high-quality design perfectly. You have various colors and designs to choose from and it comes with a fast-charge cord and two replaceable grips. 

The LED display shows not only the working voltage but the charge level, as well. If you’re wondering how many hours of uninterrupted inking you can plan on doing, well, you may be surprised to read that once fully charged—which takes about two hours—you’ll be able to tat for up to eight hours. 

It starts at the single press of the power button and has a below-average noise level when compared to other tattoo machines. In addition to running quietly, it is a powerful and stable wireless tattoo machine that can be used for permanent makeup projects also. 

The Dragonhawk is compatible with cartridges from other big-name brands. 

Why by this wireless tattoo machine?

  • If you prefer working with bigger and ticker machines, then the Dragonhawk is the right cordless tattoo machine for you. When it comes to battery power, you can expect to tattoo for up to eight hours straight with this big boy. We’re also super impressed that you have numerous colors and designs to choose from. 

3. Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen: Most Powerful

 Ambition Soldier Rotary Battery Pen

Right off the bat, we have to say that this pen is a little on the heavier side than the others on this list. That being said, the weight doesn’t make it uncomfortable to handle—the grip design snugly cradles in your hand. 

If you’re looking to move from coil tattoo machines to cordless rotary tattoo guns, then we suggest you get yourself the Ambition Soldier. It isn’t as gentle as the other machines—it packs a powerful punch, something which coil traditionalists will welcome. 

Your wireless tattoo machine will come neatly packed in a plastic box with a zipper making it easy to travel with. If you want to tattoo on the go, you can expect to get up to six hours of running time and it will take batteries between one and two hours to charge fully. You’ll also be able to use all types of needle cartridges with the Ambition Soldier. 

The manufacturer says that all their machines are handmade and tested by professionals to ensure you get the high quality and performance you’re paying for. They guarantee a wireless tattoo machine that is reliable, sturdy, and delivers consistently. 

Why get yourself an Ambition Soldier?

  • This wireless tattoo machine is more affordable than others on this list but you won’t have to sacrifice any quality at all. You can use it for any style of tattooing but works wonderfully for tribal or more old-school designs. It doesn’t matter if you’re only now beginning your tattoo career or have been inking for years, this cordless tattoo machine is great no matter your level of experience. 

4. Mast Tour Wireless Tattoo Machine: Best for Your Budget 

Mast Tour Wireless Tattoo Machine

If you’re looking for a wireless tattoo machine that is very inexpensive yet dependable, then look no further. You may even be pleasantly surprised when you open your delivery to find excellent-quality packaging complete with a magnetic lid. In the box, you get one Mast Tour rotary machine and an RCA cord. The frame is made from solid rods of high-grade aluminium, which is polished and anodized and laser engraved with the logo.

The only thing to note is, much like the Dragonhawk, the size is somewhat different from other wireless tattoo pens. It is longer and thinner than other machines making the Mast Tour perfect for those with small palms. 

It has a simple and classic design that comfortably transfers ink to the skin. It can be used for precise line work, shading, and color packing.

We do have to mention that there have been complaints of the power dropping noticeably once the battery charge falls to 400. This is easily side-stepped if you buy an extra battery to charge while you tattoo with the one. All it takes is a simple swap and you’re back in business again. 

Irrespective of the poor battery performance, the Mast Tour is still a good wireless tattoo machine when compared to others on the market. Also, considering that this machine’s price point is so low, buying an extra battery won’t dry up your bank account. 

Why buy the Mast Tour?

  • If you have tiny hands, this cordless tattoo machine may be the fit you’ve been looking for. It runs super quietly with minimal vibration. Of course, the fact that it is affordable is its primary selling point. 

5. Stigma Premium Quality Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen: Most User-Friendly 

 Stigma Premium Quality Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen

This wireless tattoo machine starts at the push of a single button. But that is not what makes it our most user-friendly pick. It gets that title thanks to the display that shows the voltage, operating time, and level of charge in a very understandable manner. 

This cordless tattoo gun also falls under the more affordable category on this list. The price is surprising considering that you get three different diameter grips, as well as two disposable grips. This means you won’t have to stop in the middle of a session and wait for a grip to sterilize—you just swap one out for the other and can continue doing what you love. 

The Stigma is comfortable to hold and the needle stroke can easily be adjusted by rotating the grip. You can use this wireless tattoo machine for lining and shading. 

When it comes to power, there have been complaints of a drop once the battery charge level drops below 30%. A with the previous entry on this list, buying an extra battery can easily fix this problem. 

There’s also an issue with how the cartridge is attached. Since it is attached to the body of the pen and not the grip, you will have to autoclave and sterilize this additional part. 

Why buy this particular cordless tattoo machine?

  • It’s great if you’re a beginner—the display is easy to understand and work. Other than that, the machine comes with different diameter grips, which means you won’t have to sterilize one before you can continue tattooing. While one is chilling in the autoclave, you can continue using the other or one of the disposables included in the wireless tattoo machine kit. 

Final Thoughts

When you want to do professional tattoos, you need equipment that can deliver professional results. Choosing the right wireless tattoo machine isn’t that difficult if you keep a few key things in mind. This includes needle stroke, diameter, and the cordless pen’s compatibility with various cartridges. 

But you also want to ask yourself the following questions before you choose the best wireless tattoo machine kit for you:

  • How long does it take for a battery to charge fully? Also, how does it charge? 
  • How long does the battery last once charged?
  • What is the machine’s power supply capacity? If you’re used to powerful machines, you need to choose a cordless machine that delivers the same. 
  • How heavy is the pen if you add the power supply? 
  • Is the machine weight balanced?
  • Do you want a complex or straightforward way to control the voltage?

The market is flooded with a variety of wireless tattoo machines and this makes it difficult to make the right choice when you want to invest in a new machine. Whether it is your first cordless tattoo machine you’re buying or you’re adding to your collection, we hope this article helps you find what you’re looking for. 

There’s no denying the freedom you get from going wireless. Most artists who experience the ease of use that comes with cordless tattoo machines never touch RCAs or clip cords again. We hope you enjoy your wireless tattoo gun just as much! 

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