Claw Tattoo – Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

In this text you will have the opportunity to read about claw tattoos, their meanings and symbolism. These tattoos are becoming more and more popular every day and they can actually have many different meanings. It is important to know that the meaning of these tattoos will depend on the animal whose claws you want to have on your skin.

There are so many animals with claws, so you will have to decide which one would fit your personality. You may have a tattoo with a bear claw or maybe with an eagle claw.

Also, very popular tattoos are those with dragon and wolf claws.

Now you will see a couple of the most popular claw tattoos. We will tell you what these tattoos mean and what they actually symbolize.

Also, we will give you some interesting designs and ideas that could help you decide which tattoo is the best for you. If you would like to have a tattoo on your body, but you cannot decide which would be the best for you, then you should read this article. You can find some interesting ideas and you can understand better the meaning of a claw tattoo.

We hope this article will help you find the best tattoo for your body and decorate it with something original and meaningful.

Meanings and Symbolism

As we have already said, the meaning of a claw tattoo will be related to the meaning of the animal that you choose.

But, there are some of the general characteristics of claw tattoos, such as for example strength, power, ferocity, intelligence, nature and nobility. It is also important to mention that claw tattoos may represent maternal instincts and strong family feelings.

Claws are not only the symbol of a physical strength, but they can also symbolize a great balance between the body and mind.

Now when you know what these tattoos mean, you will see what are some of the most popular designs for these tattoos. We hope that you will find something you like.

Designs and Ideas

Claw Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

Bear Claw Tattoo. There is no doubt that a bear claw tattoo is one of the most popular. We all know that a bear is usually considered to be a symbol of strength and power. That’s why this animal was a favorite totem in the tradition of Native Americans.

Another important characteristic of a bear is his freedom, but you should have in mind that this animal could be unpredictable sometimes. It means that you have to be careful if there is a bear in you surrounding.

On the other side, we will also mention a maternal nature of these animals. It is known that a mother bear will do everything to protect her cubs. If you think that you have any of these traits, then a bear claw tattoo could be a great choice for you.

You can choose to have a bear paw with claws that are presented as very sharp. The claws are usually done in black color, but you can also choose any other color that you like.

You can also choose to have a bear’s head and claws above it. In this tattoo a bear is usually represented as a very ferocious and dangerous. This tattoo could be a symbol of your wild nature. Of course, you can always include some of the totem and tribal symbols in your tattoo.

Eagle Claw Tattoo. Another animal that had a special place among Native Americans was an eagle. Since ancient times people used to have an eagle tattoo on their bodies. Of course, one of the most popular tattoos was an eagle claw tattoo. If you are a person who cares for the nature, then an eagle claw tattoo could be the right choice for you. It is also known that in some countries in America an eagle is considered to be a national symbol, so many times it may represent patriotism.

An eagle claw tattoo is usually done in tribal or black style, but if you have any other interesting idea, you can talk with your tattoo artist. Of course, one of the most popular designs for this tattoo is a design in which an eagle is ripping with his claws through the skin in order to show the American flag that is hidden under the skin.

Dragon Claw Tattoo. There is no doubt that dragons have always been considered as fascinating creatures. Even though these creatures usually come from ancient mythology, their symbolism lives today as well. If you decide to have a dragon claw tattoo, it is important to know that dragon tattoos may have different meanings, depending on which person is wearing them. If a woman had a dragon tattoo, it would be a symbol of her independence and her powers to create her own life. There are a strong spirit and great strength hidden under the gentle nature of a woman.

On the other side, if a man is wearing a dragon tattoo, it will be a symbol of his wisdom on the first place.

The meaning of a dragon claw tattoo can be different. This tattoo is popular in many cultures all over the world. One of the most favorite designs for this tattoo is with the dragon claws that are cutting up your skin. This tattoo can look realistic if you choose a good tattoo artist. Dragon claw tattoos are usually done in traditional green colors with the elements of purple and pink color.

Claw Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

Wolf Claw Tattoo. You may also have a wolf claw tattoo on your body. We all know that wolves are a symbol of high intelligence, strength and hunting. Very often wolf tattoos may represent our wild instincts and our connection to the nature.

Very often you can choose to have not only a wolf claws on your tattoo, but also an image of the wolf, which will make it clear that your tattoo is representing wolf claws.

Panther Claw Tattoo. Another interesting design for you claw tattoo could be a panther claw tattoo. This animal was especially popular in American Native culture and tradition. A panther was usually considered to be a totem and it represented the nobility and the power of the royal families of that time.

If you choose to have a panther tattoo, it could also be a symbol of your strength, fitness and your healthy lifestyle. It is known that panthers are strong creatures and their both body and mind are always in harmony. Of course, you should not forget that panthers are ferocious, but also graceful animals. Panther claw tattoos usually include an image of a panther as well. This way your tattoo will look even more powerful.

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