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After you get a new tattoo, the excitement of having it might overshadow another important part of getting inked: recovery.

Now that it’s finished, can you work out after getting a tattoo?  How will it affect your recovery if you still work out?  

It can be easy to try to push your limits and work out as soon as possible after getting a new tattoo.

But you want to make sure you give yourself time to heal properly, or else this could cause problems down the road! In this article, we’ll talk about how long you should wait to exercise after getting a tattoo, and what exactly happens when you do.

When can you work out after getting a tattoo?

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that your tattoo ink will form a scab as it heals. If you don’t give it time to fully heal, the scab can come off and cause problems such as infection or discoloration.

So, how long after getting a tattoo can you work out?

There’s no set answer because it varies from person-to-person depending on their age, health, and skin type.  Ideally, tattoos should be at least 2 weeks old before they can handle strenuous exercise or contact with water (even though your new tattoo might look healed much sooner than this).

In general, you should wait at least a month before getting in the pool or ocean after getting a new tattoo.

can you workout after getting a tattoo

What if I want to work out while my tattoo is healing?

In general, it’s best to hold off on bangin’ your bod – as much as you want to – for at least two weeks.  But if you just can’t help yourself and must work out after the tattoo, find low-impact activities such as yoga and light workouts until it is fully healed. This way you can still work out while giving your new tattoo time to heal.

To protect your tattoo, wear loose clothes that are not likely to rub on it until it’s fully healed.  This can cause scabbing or increase your chances of infection.

Workout gear that contains smooth material like nylon is a good choice during the first two weeks after getting inked, as sweating with a tattoo is not the best idea. You also want to avoid wearing any clothing that contains zippers or buttons.

If you’re working out outside, it’s also important to protect your new tattoo from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Apply a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen half an hour before heading out so you don’t burn the area or cause any discoloration.

During the first month after getting a tattoo, definitely avoid saunas, hot tubs, steam rooms, and hot yoga! These activities will increase your risk of infection and damage the skin’s appearance.

What does working out do to a new tattoo?

Exercise after a tattoo can cause chafing and irritation, which will only prolong the healing process.  If your new ink is exposed to too much friction or moisture (like sweat) during this time, it may scab over and become permanently discolored.

If you work out with a new tattoo, the area might swell and become irritated, causing discomfort and pain.

The scab that forms over your tattoo could come off and cause it to bleed or get infected.  This type of damage will prolong the healing process and leave you without a fresh piece of ink for much longer than necessary.  

How do I take care of my tattoo after working out?

If your sweating becomes severe (such as after cardio or an intense workout) or if you happen to expose your tattoo to water, pat it dry with a paper towel.  Apply a small amount of coconut oil or an unscented lotion afterwards to protect the area from future moisture.

If you experience redness, itching or irritation after exercising, apply some over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to the area. This will help it heal faster and prevent any possible infections.

If your tattoo becomes dry or peels after working out, moisturize it with some water-based lubricant like K-Y jelly.

You can also try using some aloe vera gel to help with the itchiness if it becomes uncomfortable. Just make sure you choose an unscented brand so you don’t irritate your new tattoo.

when can you workout after getting a tattoo

What are the benefits of exercising after a tattoo?

Some people believe they will experience less soreness and swelling if they work out soon after getting a new tattoo.

Exercise is also believed to speed up the healing process, but that’s false!  Your body needs time to heal your new ink properly, so it’s important not to rush this process by overworking yourself physically or applying too much friction with towels or workout clothes on your new tattoo.

Working out too soon after getting inked can actually cause the ink to fade and become blurry as it heals. This makes your piece of body art look less noticeable and may require that you go back and get re-inked to fix the problem. 

Just be patient with your skin and allow enough time for it to heal completely before exposing it to sweat, water or anything else that might irritate it further.

Remember: If there is any doubt, always ask your artist what their thoughts are before resuming workouts. They should have all the necessary information about how long your particular tattoo will take to heal so they know exactly when you’re ready to work out again!

How can I speed up my tattoo healing process?

Now that you know how long to wait before working out again after getting a new tattoo, here are some other great tips for speeding up the healing process:

Use lotion on your new ink twice a day.  This will keep the skin hydrated and help keep scabs from forming.

Keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight for at least a month, or until it’s fully healed. Getting sun exposure increases your risk of infection, scarring and discoloration.

Avoid using any perfumed lotions near a new tattoo because they can cause irritation and possible allergic reaction. If you’re going to use a fragrant product, make sure it’s unscented or hypoallergenic.

Take care when washing around your new ink because water from the shower can ruin the color if it’s not completely healed yet. Be gentle with how much soap you use on it as well–you want to avoid irritating the skin or causing it to dry out.

In Conclusion

While you probably won’t have any problems if you work out after a tattoo, it’s best to play it safe and give your new ink plenty of time to recover before diving into strenuous exercises. Be patient and wait until at least two weeks before working out again for optimal results. 

If you have any questions about exercising after a tattoo or its healing, always consult your artist for more information.

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