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It’s no secret that the tattoo ink you use affects the end result. If you want your tattoos to look vibrant right after doing them and long into the future, you have to make the right choice. However, with so many tattoo brands on the market, selecting the best tattoo ink isn’t a straightforward matter.

Solong tattoo ink has a solid reputation in the industry and is used by beginners and professional tattoo artists alike. 

The brand kicked off in 2008 in China. The company values what they do because they consider tattoos to be a reference to each person’s uniqueness. They have grown to be one of the most-loved tattoo ink manufacturers in the industry. 

In this Solong tattoo ink review, we will look at what makes them one of the best tattoo ink brands on the market, and we will also do a Solong tattoo kit review or two to help make your life easier.

We get that the market is saturated with brands, and it can take ages to research each manufacturer and the best products they have on offer. You have better things to do, right? Like doing a tattoo! So, we did all the work for you.

Is Solong Tattoo Ink Good?

In a nutshell: Yes! Solong is one of the best tattoo ink options on the market. One reason why Solong stands out is they aim to offer custom products to their clients. They are so passionate about people expressing themselves authentically, that they go the extra mile. 

When it comes to the actual ink, words like eco-friendly, safe, long-lasting, and vibrant come to mind. Solong tattoo ink is made entirely with machines, which basically eliminates the chance of cross-contamination. On top of that, the inks get sterilized with gamma rays to remove any bacteria that might have slipped in. That’s a plus because a tattoo infection is the last thing you or your client want. 

Solong also offers a variety of colors, which means you can make your artistic vision come to life without having to mix your own colors. Great news for larger pieces to assure color consistency throughout the artwork.

Let’s break things down a little further.

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Colour Variation

To make your tattoos more cohesive, Solong tattoo ink kits are the way to go. There are many options for you to choose from. If you just want basic colors, there’s a 7-pigment tattoo ink kit; if you want a whole variety, you can go for the extensive 54-colour Solong tattoo kit. We will give you a Solong tattoo ink kit review of these two a little later. 

The 21-color package includes light green, lemon yellow, light blue, lining black, Maria’s blue, rose pink, medium brown, dark brown, silver, dark purple, cherry bomb, dragon green, fuchsia, snow-white opaque, grasshopper green, true black, banana cream, bright orange, bright red, and light brown, and baby blue. 

Those colors are pretty much all you need for simple color tattoos and portraits. That being said, if you don’t plan on doing many color tattoos or you want to mix your own colors, you may want to consider the 14-piece Solong tattoo ink kit. You get all the colors in the 21-color package except for light blue, lining black, rose pink, dark brown, cherry bomb, dragon green, grasshopper green, and light brown.  

Whatever you choose, one thing is certain, you’re getting high-quality, long-lasting ink that will bring your tattoos to life. 

For those of you who are interested in mixing their own colors, you’ll be happy to hear that you can mix the Solong tattoo inks into tones and hues that suit your tattoo design. 


The ink comes in 30ml spill-proof bottles. Leakage and contamination happen very rarely when used properly as the bottle has been sealed tightly before being shipped to you.


Solong tattoo ink contains no harmful substances. If your client has sensitive skin, you can put their mind at ease because the formula is gentle and contains no animal products that may cause an adverse reaction. Furthermore, the ink is sterilized by gamma rays to make it safe for use on your clients’ skins. 


Solong tattoo ink has been micro-dispersed. This means your client’s skin will absorb the pigment with ease once the needle pierces the skin. It makes it super easy to use and will also promote faster tattoo healing and less scabbing. That all contributes to tattoos looking pigmented, crips, and clear. 

We have to mention that some tattoo artists who use Solong tattoo ink have said some colors tend to fade sooner. Usually, it is the super dark colors that lose their vibrancy over time, so keep that in mind when you make your selection. 

Okay, before we get to the Solong tattoo kit review, let’s have a quick recap of the good and the bad of this tattoo ink. 

Vegan-friendly, cruelty-freeThe darker colours tend to fade sooner than the others
Doesn’t contain toxic or harmful ingredients
Has great pigmentation and tattoos appear vibrant
Has been micro-dispersed which means easier application, faster healing, and less scabbing
Easy to mix
Comes in various kits of various sizes

3 Best Solong Tattoo Inks on the Market

Solong 7 Basic Pigment Kit

This tattoo kit is perfect for artists who do a limited amount of color pieces or tattoo artists who enjoy mixing their own colors. You get three primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, as well as green, purple, white, and black in 30ml bottles. 

The ink is high-quality, safe, and easy to use. It takes to skin like a duck to water, which will leave each stroke packed with pigment. 

Although there are some customer reviews claiming some of the colors don’t last, others swear by Solong ink.

It’s difficult to say you should try it out anyway because a tattoo is a very permanent thing, but for the benefit of your client, maybe you should investigate each color’s longevity on a willing Guinea pig. Also, keep in mind that the technique and equipment used can impact how a tattoo heals and this will affect the permanency of the ink. 

Solong 54 Complete Ink Set

This is the big daddy of Solong tattoo ink sets. You get 54 brilliantly bright colors to turn intricate color tattoo designs into reality. The only downside about this kit is the size of the bottles: 5ml. We suppose the fact that Solong ink is absorbed so easily means you’ll end up using less ink but it is still something to consider if you specialize in heavy color tattoos. You don’t want to invest in this kit and end up running out of popular colors in a matter of days. 

The 54 complete ink set includes the colors in the 21-piece package, as well as the following:

  • Aquamarine
  • Bahama Blue
  • Bamboo
  • Blue Sky
  • Carol’s Pink
  • Coco
  • Creamsicle
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Brown
  • Flesh Pot
  • Flesh
  • Golden Yellow
  • Grape
  • Hard Orange
  • Hunter Green
  • Koolaid
  • Lavender
  • Light Magenta
  • Light purple
  • Lollipop
  • Mario’s Light Blue
  • Mustard
  • Peach
  • Periwinkle
  • Platinum
  • Sea Foam Green
  • Sienna
  • Snow-White Mixing
  • Soft Orange
  • Sunburn
  • Tangerine
  • Teal
  • True Magenta

Can you imagine the art you can create with such a large selection of tattoo ink? Exciting, isn’t it?

Solong Tattoo Ink True Black

We have to end with Solong’s True Black. What is a tattoo artist kit without black? It is one of the most-used inks and also the ink that looks dull and faded early in a tattoo’s lifespan. With this in mind, it is good to invest in good-quality black ink that is durable.

Solong has a decent reputation when it comes to their True Black tattoo ink. It is a good consistency and the fact that it has homogenized pigment dispersion means it penetrates the skin thoroughly. The end result is a radiant black that lasts. 

Solong’s True Black comes in a 120ml bottle, which means it will last you a long time. Well, that may change as soon as your appointment book fills up because Solong tattoo inks give your tattoos an edge! 

Final Thoughts 

Solong is a known name in the tattoo industry. The company offers a wide variety of inks that are used by beginners and professionals alike. Their ink is safe to use, contains no harmful ingredients, and is sterilized by gamma rays.

There are many people with sensitive skin in the world and we can guarantee that some of them will wander into your tattoo shop. So, to avoid any irritation and bad skin reactions, use tattoo ink with a gentle formula that is free from toxins. 

The company offers 120ml, 30ml, and 5ml bottles, which means you can buy according to your needs. They also make color selection easy by offering Solong tattoo ink kits that include either 7, 14, 21, or 54 colors. 

The bottom line is: With Solong tattoo ink, you can say “so long” to faded color tattoos. Happy tattooing! 

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