20 Sibling Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate Your Special Bond

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Tattoos are a fantastic way to immortalize strong family or friendship bonds.

Do you have a sibling? If so, you know that sibling relationships are unique.

If you’re looking for a way to commemorate your sibling relationship, why not consider getting tattoos together? 

Here are some matching tattoos for siblings to get you started.

20 Sibling Tattoo Ideas

1. Matching tattoos

Matching tattoos are a classic way to show your sibling solidarity. You could get matching designs of any kind  – you could get a heart and arrow matching sister tattoos like Serena and Venus Williams, or an infinity symbol like Lil Wayne and his younger sibling. The possibilities are endless. Check out the rest of the ideas to get more inspiration.

2. Coordinated tattoos

If you want something a little more unique, consider coordinating tattoos. This involves choosing tattoos with different designs but in the same placement. This is a great option if you can’t settle on just one design.

3. Characteristics tattoos

Tattoos that represent the characteristics of your sibling matching sibling tattoo idea. For example, if your sibling is funny, you could get a tattoo of a laughing mouth; if they’re creative, you could get a tattoo of an artist’s palette.

4. Spiritual tattoos

If your sibling is someone that you look up to, consider getting spiritual tattoos in their honor. You could also get sibling tattoos with matching celestial bodies – for example, you might both get the sun or each other’s zodiac sign.

5. Memory tattoos

Many siblings choose to get tattoos that commemorate special moments they’ve shared together. This could be a date, a place, or a particular activity that you shared. These tattoos are a great way to keep the good times close to your heart.

sibling tattoo ideas

6. Quote tattoos

Quotes about sibling relationships can be a great way to express your feelings about your sibling. You could choose a quote from a movie, song, or book that speaks to your sibling bond.

7. Symbols that mean something to both of you

Another way to commemorate your sibling relationship is by choosing symbols that have emotional significance for both of you. For example, you might choose two circles with an infinity symbol inside – this can represent how there is no beginning and end to your sibling relationship.

8. Geometric tattoos

Geometric tattoos make great sibling tattoos because they’re simple and abstract. If you choose a geometric sibling design, try getting it in a different color scheme. For example, one sibling might get a green tattoo and the other sibling might get blue – this will help to distinguish between your tattoos.

9. Portrait tattoos

Portrait tattoos are another great way to commemorate your sibling relationship in ink. In order to pull off this type of design correctly, you’ll need to have a good picture of both of your faces together. 

10. Nature sibling tattoos

If you and your sibling are nature lovers, consider getting sibling tattoos with natural elements like trees or mountains. This is a great choice if you and your sibling enjoy hiking together and spending time outside in the woods.

11. Totem tattoos

Totem sibling tattoos can be a great choice for those who want something more mystical than nature sibling tattoos, but less complex than portrait designs. A totem tattoo could represent characteristics that define both of you as people – such as strength, independence, or loyalty. 

You might also choose to get symbols related to symbols from different cultures (such African tribal marks). These types of tattoos are a great way to show your sibling’s influence on your life.

brother sister tattoo ideas

12. Cartoon sibling tattoos

Cartoon sibling tattoos can be a fun and playful way to show your sibling love. They’re also a great way to commemorate inside jokes or shared memories between the two of you. If you choose this type of tattoo, make sure that both of you have similar designs – for example, if one sibling gets a cartoon rabbit tattoo, the other sibling might want a cartoon duck tattoo.

13. Matching name tattoos

If you want something simple and timeless, consider getting matching name tattoos with your sibling’s name. 

14. Yin and Yang sibling tattoos

Yin and Yang tattoos make a great choice for siblings because they represent balance and togetherness. If you choose this design, make sure that you get it inked in a place where both of you can see it easily – for example, on your wrists or ankles.

15. Sibling star tattoos

Shooting star sibling tattoos can make great choices for siblings because they represent love. They also remind us of how fleeting life is, which can be a poignant reminder of our own mortality. For these types of designs, make sure to incorporate some personal elements into your design so that it has special significance for both of you even though it’s similar or identical to other designs out there.

16.  Family tree tattoos

For those who want something more delicate, family tree tattoos make for wonderful matching sibling tattoo ideas. This type of design is perfect for siblings who want something relatively simple and symbolic without too much detail or color involved. In order to pull this off as well as possible, the two of you should agree on what each branch represents – this way, everyone knows what your family tree was built from!

17. Sun and moon sibling tattoos

Sun and moon sibling tattoos are another popular choice for those looking for symbolic designs. They can represent different things for each sibling – such as growth, change, and cycles. 

If you’re looking for a more intricate design, consider getting a Celtic sun and moon tattoo together. This will add some extra meaning to your ink and works particularly well for brother and sister tattoos

sibling tattoo ideas

18. Arm band sibling tattoos

Arm band sibling tattoos are a popular choice for siblings with similar tastes in tattoos. You can both choose the same design or get something completely different, but make sure that it’s tattooed on your arms so you can see it at all times when you’re together.

19.  Signature sibling tattoos

Signature sibling tattoos are perhaps the most intimate type of sibling tattoo design. They’re perfect for siblings who want a permanent reminder of their relationship and connection to each other. This type of tattoo is particularly good for sister tattoos.

20. Birth Year tattoos

Birthday sibling tattoos are great because they provide a way to commemorate the year you were born. They make wonderful sibling matching tattoos for those who want something simple and meaningful.

In Conclusion

Sibling tattoos can be a great way to show your love for each other and commemorate your shared history. If you’re thinking about getting inked with your sibling, consider one of these ideas.

Regardless of what kind of sibling tattoos you and your sibling choose, make sure that they hold personal significance for both of you.

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