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The benefits of using vegan tattoo ink aren’t limited to protecting animals. Organic and vegan tattoo ink is better for you.


Companies who manufacture these types of ink know what their customers want or, most importantly, don’t want. They know their inks shouldn’t contain any animal-derived products or be tested on animals. They also know that harmful toxins and chemicals shouldn’t be a part of their formulas. This leaves tattoo artists with natural tattoo ink that is safe for their customers’ skins and good for the environment, as well. 

A few years ago, organic and vegan tattoo ink wasn’t readily available. Only a few indie brands decided to push the envelope and started to develop animal-friendly inks. Thankfully, bigger tattoo ink brands got on board and today, there is a big selection of organic vegan tattoo ink on the market.

But there’s a caveat.

Not all the inks that say they are organic and vegan are. The sad reality is that tattoo inks aren’t regulated by the FDA or some similar organization and tattoo ink manufacturers don’t have to disclose their ingredients entirely. For example, a company may have gelatin on their ingredients list, but is it animal-derived or plant-based?

It is vital to do as much research as you can to make sure the brand you’re planning to support is honest about where they get their ingredients from. This article is a great place to start as we’re going to share with you the best (truly) vegan tattoo ink on the market made by brands you can trust. 

Many animal-derived ingredients are used in non-vegan tattoo ink. The most popular ingredient is bone char.

Then you’ll also see glycerine, gelatine, and shellac on the ingredients list—all animal-derived products unless explicitly stated otherwise (and by a dependable brand). On the more animal-conscious side, vegan ink contains carbon, vegetable-based glycerine, and witch hazel or ethanol. 

We recommend everyone opt for organic ink, whether they follow a vegan lifestyle or not. Why? Well, vegan ink is safer to use. Many of the ingredients used in ‘traditional’ tattoo ink can cause dermatitis, allergic reactions, and other complications. Should such a negative reaction happen, the final outcome of your tattoo will be compromised. 

So, if you’re itching to get a tattoo but you want to do it in a way that won’t harm animals, the planet, and your skin, then read on to find out what the best vegan tattoo inks on the market are. 

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3 Best Organic & Vegan Tattoo Inks

1. Bloodline: Premium Vegan Tattoo Ink

If you’re looking for a tattoo ink that is loved the world over by tattoo professionals, then you may just have found it. Bloodline vegan tattoo inks are premium-quality tattoo inks that deliver wonderful results.

One of the reasons why this brand is so popular is that their tattoo inks help tattoos heal. How? It’s all in the formula. Bloodline doesn’t use toxic carriers; instead, they use water and this speeds up the healing process dramatically. These inks are also one of the top performers when it comes to vibrancy and durability. 

It seems like Bloodline is on a mission to be the best of the bests in the ink manufacturing game because they constantly look for ways how they can improve their inks. It was hard to choose only one standout feature of these vegan tattoo inks because they may be premium organic tattoo ink, but they also need an honorable mention for being the most innovative brands in the industry. 

What makes Bloodline one of the best vegan tattoo inks out there?

  • No toxic carriers are used
  • State-of-the-art formula
  • Great consistency
  • Premium quality 

2. Kuro Sumi: Affordable Organic Tattoo Ink

Saying ink is organic is one thing, but what quality are the organic ingredients used? When you buy Kuro Sumi vegan tattoo inks, you can be certain of two things. One, they use only high-quality organic ingredients; two, their inks are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 

If you have sensitive skin, those are the things you should look for before you choose your tattoo ink. Using organic vegan tattoo ink minimizes your chances of having an allergic reaction or getting an infection. 

Kuro Sumi tattoo inks are also known for vibrant colors. Their inks are pigmented to the max but still have a workable consistency. When healed, you can expect your tattoo to look as bright and brilliant as the day you got it. 

After reading all this, you may be expecting to pay a premium price for such quality. Luckily, as far as vegan tattoo inks go, Kuro Sumi is more affordable than other brands. If you follow a vegan lifestyle, you will appreciate this lower price point as vegan products usually are on the expensive side. 

Why choose Kuro Sumi as your vegan tattoo ink?

  • Contains high-quality organic ingredients
  • Is highly pigmented 
  • Totally vegan
  • Affordable compared to other vegan tattoo inks 

3. Dynamic Ink: Superior Quality Vegan Tattoo Ink

Dynamic Ink packs a punch! This tattoo ink is known globally for its high pigmentation, especially of the white and black. Don’t worry, Dynamic Ink’s color selection won’t disappoint as they’re just as vibrant and also non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

These vegan tattoo inks are super fade-proof, which means your tattoo will look fresh for years to come. Made in the US, Dynamic Ink adheres to some strict regulations, so if you’re worried about contamination and subsequent infections, you can relax. True Dynamic Ink vegan tattoo inks are sterilized and sealed for your protection.

You do, however, have to keep an eye out for counterfeit tattoo inks. Unfortunately, Dynamic Ink has been hit hard and phony inks with the Dynamic Ink logo have flooded the market. Always buy from a reputable dealer or check where your tattoo artist buys their ink if you plan on sitting for a session. You have the right to know.   

We do have to mention that beginners may find it difficult to work with Dynamic Ink as the inks are a little on the runny side. 

Why choose Dynamic Ink as your favourite vegan tattoo ink?

  • It’s high-quality yet affordable
  • Super pigmented
  • Durable

We covered vegan tattoo ink, but what about everything else used during the tattoo session (and after)? We know if you’re vegan you would want a totally vegan experience. 

If that is the case, then we recommend you have a chat with your tattoo artist and find out if the other products they’re going to use are also organic and vegan in nature. Check with them what soap, lubricant, transfer paper, and even razor they plan on using. You also need to make sure they don’t recommend non-vegan tattoo aftercare products

The good thing is that many tattoo artists are adopting a 100% vegan-friendly approach, which means they will make the effort to do their research and only use products that are organic and vegan-approved. All you need to do is ask the right questions to figure out if they can give you a tattoo that won’t go against your moral and ethical standards and won’t cause you any harm. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s not easy to lead a vegan lifestyle; most products contain animal products in some or other form and searching for ones that don’t are challenging to say the least. Thankfully, the tattoo industry has woken up to the fact that vegan tattoo ink is best. They discovered that it’s not only good for the planet, but for the people too.

Some big-name players in the industry got it right and they created vegan tattoo inks that perform just as well (or better) than traditional tattoo inks. They’re now manufacturing vegan tattoo inks that are pigmented, vibrant, and durable without using harmful or non-organic ingredients.

There are even brands that focus on vegan-friendly tattoo aftercare. That’s a win for the tattoo industry, tattoo artists, tattoo enthusiasts, and most importantly, the animals and planet! 

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