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You decided to get a tattoo and did your own due diligence when you looked for an artist

The result?

A brilliant piece of custom artwork on your body. The tattoo artist did their part, and now it is your turn. Tattoo aftercare is super important to prevent scabbing, scarring, and infection. It also stops your ink from fading and will keep your tattoo looking vibrant. 

When it comes to tattoo aftercare, Mad Rabbit’s balms, gels, and sunscreens are recommended by professionals in the industry. 

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Mad Rabbit’s History

The brand came to be because founders Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor saw a gap in the market. There were almost no natural and organic tattoo aftercare options on the market. Zak and Agbitor shared this with the Shark Tank panel. All of the sharks were impressed but the duo ended up signing a $500k deal with Mark Cuban. 

Launched in 2019, the company has since grown in leaps and bounds with sales going from $400,00 in one year to $3 million in the next. That’s a whopping 650% increase! But are these products really all they make out to be?

In this Mad Rabbit tattoo review, we’ll answer all your questions, and you can decide for yourself if these products are worth the buzz. 

Mad Rabbit’s Mission

The founders of the company had one mission: create tattoo aftercare products that are paraben, sulfate, phthalate, and petrolatum free and don’t contain any artificial fragrances or dyes. They wanted to create a product that represented holistic healing. 

Mad Rabbit focuses on using high-quality ingredients both natural and synthetic to improve skin quality. The company makes no secret of the ingredients included in their Mad Rabbit tattoo aid. When you buy one of their products from their website, you’re able to see the ingredients used in each individual product. 

They’re also environmentally conscious and do what they can to lessen the brand’s carbon footprint.  

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

The company didn’t only think about immediate tattoo aftercare; to them, tattoo aftercare is a life-long process. Although you can use their products to help heal your tattoo right after getting it, they can be used to protect you from the sun and to nourish and moisturize your skin for years to come.

Mad Rabbit isn’t just all-around tattoo care but can be used for skincare in general. In fact, they’re so serious about caring for your skin that they offer a subscription service to make sure you get your Mad Rabbit delivered to your door every 1-5 months. 

Let’s look at the three most popular Mad Rabbit tattoo aftercare products. 

3 Best Mad Rabbit Tattoo Products

1. Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm Review

The first product on our list is not suitable for immediate tattoo aftercare but does wonders to your tattoo when fully healed. When your skin is dehydrated and lacks nourishment, your tattoo will look dull and faded.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm revitalises your skin by giving it all the nourishment and moisture it needs. The result is a tattoo that comes alive and catches your eye again. Best yet, it doesn’t matter if your tattoo is one or 20 years old, you’ll see results!

As expected, this product contains all-natural ingredients including cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, and sweet almond oil. These ingredients support tissue regeneration, which will make your skin look young again, but they’re too heavy to be used on newly tatted skin so give your tattoo two weeks to heal before using Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm. 

Packaging is made from fully recyclable materials. 

It comes in three scents for you to choose from:

  1. Vanilla and coconut
  2. Cucumber
  3. Frankincense and lavender 

It’s recommended that you add this product to your daily skincare routine to intensify your tattoos. 

2. Mad Rabbit Tattoo Soothing Gel Review

Your skin is very irritated after getting a tattoo and will stay this way throughout the healing process. For this reason, using products that help soothe your skin is very important. 

What’s good about Mad Rabbit Tattoo Soothing Gel is it contains no heavy occlusives that congest pores, disrupt the skin’s barrier, and block air from getting to your skin. The ingredients in this soothing gel are super nourishing yet lightweight enough to not impede the healing process. 

The three star ingredients are aloe vera, vitamin C, and argan oil. These ingredients are powerful anti-inflammatories that will help your tattoo heal faster, among other things.

Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel is perfect as a tattoo aftercare balm because it:

  • Helps heal damaged skin
  • Soothes irritation and minimises redness
  • Doesn’t suffocate your skin
  • Has a cooling sensation

If your tattoo is peeling, you can apply the soothing gel followed by either the Mad Rabbit Daily Lotion or Tattoo Balm for a boost of moisture. 

3. Mad Rabbit Tattoo Body Lotion Review 

This product is a universal moisturiser that you can use on your whole body. It is a lightweight, long-lasting moisturiser that won’t leave your skin feeling greasy. 

The Mad Rabbit Tattoo Daily Lotion is fragrance-free and comes packed with replenishing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin A, and sesame oil. It will prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated, which is a good thing since dry skin is prone to damage and premature ageing.

This daily lotion is backed by dermatologists as a non-allergenic, paraben-free hydrator that’s perfect for all-over use. 

Mad Rabbit Daily Lotion:

  • Has anti-aging benefits.
  • Is perfect for all skin types. No ink required. 
  • Locks in moisture.
  • Brightens skin and makes it look healthy. 

If you do have a new tattoo, use the Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel first to calm down any irritation and itchiness. You can then apply the daily lotion to double up on moisture and amplify the soothing relief. 

Final Thoughts

You invested a lot of money into your tattoo so it makes sense that you’d want to use only the best tattoo aftercare products to help it heal and look its best. When it comes to what is considered ‘best’, products with natural and organic ingredients are not only safe but better for you and your tattoo.

Products formulated in such a way that they enhance the appearance of your tattoo is also a great find. Well, Mad Rabbit Tattoo products fit the bill. Not only are their products paraben, sulphate, phthalate, and petrolatum free, the formula is of such a nature that it restores your tattoo’s original vibrancy. 

So, are Mad Hatter Tattoo products worth it? It’s a resounding yes! 

The company has thousands of happy customers. You don’t have to search long before you find brilliant reviews. Yes, the products are more expensive than other tattoo aftercare products, but it’s worth it since you’re not exposing yourself to toxins and harmful chemicals. 

Try it out! If you’re not happy, Mad Rabbit offers a 30-day window of returns. 

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