10 Lip Tattoo Ideas & Facts To Know Before Getting One

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A tattoo on the lip is one of the most talked-about types of tattoo. Lip tattoos have been growing in popularity over the years but they still get a bad rap due to their connection with prison culture and gang affiliation.

Despite this, lip tattoos are becoming more popular than ever with people of all walks of life. If you’re thinking about getting a lip tattoo, here are the most common questions about lip tattoos answered, as well as some inner lip tattoo ideas.

How long does a lip tattoo last?

Lip tattoos don’t last as long as other types of tattoos because the skin on your lips is too thin and tears easily. The average lifespan of a lip tattoo is one to three years, but they can fade away sooner if you drink or eat a lot of acidic foods.

What are the risks of getting a lip tattoo?

The main risk of getting a lip tattoo is that it can fade away quickly. Additionally, if you don’t take care of your tattoo properly after getting a tattoo, you could get an infection.  Always follow your tattoo artist’s after-care instructions and avoid getting inked in a dirty environment.

How much does a lip tattoo cost?

Lip tattoos typically cost between $50 and $100 per hour, depending on the studio and the artist. This makes lip tattoos one of the most affordable styles of tattoo you can get as they typically take less than an hour to complete.

Are lip tattoos bad for your teeth?

No, lip tattoos are not bad for your teeth.  However, if you have had dental work done recently (such as braces), there is a chance that your new lip tattoo can interfere with the healing of your teeth. If you’re getting a lip tattoo and you’ve just gotten dental work done, wait until after your new braces are removed to get inked.

How bad does a lip tattoo hurt?

Inner lip tattoos hurt more than regular tattoos because the skin on your inner lip is a lot thinner and more sensitive.  However, the pain is manageable and most people say that it’s worth it in the end.

Are lip tattoos difficult to do?

Lip tattoos are not difficult to do, but they require a lot of precision and expertise. Make sure you go to a reputable studio with an experienced artist to get your lip tattoo done.

Do lip tattoos bleed a lot?

Lip tattoos do not bleed a lot, but there is always a chance that you could experience some light bleeding immediately after getting inked. If you do experience any bleeding, apply pressure to the area and wait for the bleeding to stop before washing your tattoo.

Do lip tattoos actually go away?

Yes, lip tattoos do eventually go away. As mentioned earlier, the average lifespan of a lip tattoo is one to three years, but they can fade away sooner if you drink or eat a lot of acidic foods. If you don’t want your lip tattoo to eventually disappear, you will need to do regular touch-ups.

10 Cool Inner Lip Tattoo Ideas and their meanings

If you’re thinking about getting a lip tattoo, here are our 10 favorite inner lip tattoo design ideas for your consideration.

1. Script tattoos

Script tattoos are a popular choice for lip tattoos because they are small and elegant. Script tattoos can be used to express yourself or commemorate a loved one.

2. Floral designs

Floral designs are another popular choice for lip tattoos, as they are feminine and pretty.  Floral designs can be an excellent way to express yourself as they give you a lot of room for creativity. This is a good tip for any small inner lip tattoo ideas you may have.

3. Geometric designs

Geometric designs are a popular choice for people who want a unique and edgy lip tattoo.  Geometric designs can be used to represent different aspects of your personality or life.

4. Quote tattoos

Quote tattoos are a great way to express your beliefs and thoughts on life. Quote tattoos can also be a great way to commemorate a loved one or an important event in your life.

5. Word “Love”

Lip tattoos containing the word “Love” are a popular choice for people who want to show their love without saying it.  These types of tattoos are particularly popular with couples, as they are an easy way to express your feelings.

6. Nautical stars

Nautical stars have long been associated with sailors and nautical travel, but they are also a popular choice for inner lip tattoos.  Nautical stars can be used to represent strength, guidance, and protection.

7. Feathers

Feathers are a popular choice for tattoos because they are both beautiful and symbolic. Feathers can be used to represent a variety of different things, such as freedom, hope, and change.

8. Religious symbols

Religious symbols are a popular choice for lip tattoos, as they are both personal and meaningful. Religious symbols can represent your faith or beliefs and can be a great way to show your devotion to a religion.

9. A Heart

Lip tattoos with a heart are a terrific choice for those who want to express love for a partner or family member..

10. Anchor

Anchor tattoos are a popular design choice because they represent endurance and the ability to overcome the challenges that life throws at you. Anchor tattoos can also be used to represent a person’s home and family.

In Conclusion

Getting a lip tattoo is a big decision, but it can be a fun way to express yourself. I hope these tips help you to find your best lip tattoo.

If you’re thinking about getting an inner lip tattoo, make sure to do your research and talk to your artist about what design would be best for you. 

Have fun with your tattoo and enjoy showing it off to the world!

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