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The jellyfish tattoo could be one of the most beautiful tattoos. However, the first association with this animal is not beauty but danger. Knowing its allure, many artists have chosen to illustrate the subject in their own style. This particular species is very difficult to draw because it has a unique anatomy and is very delicately shaped.

In this article, we will talk about the draw of this animal, but more than that, we will show its meaning and symbolism in different cultures.

First, what do jellyfish symbolize?

Essential facts about jellyfish

If you’re considering a jellyfish tattoo you might already be familiar with these magnificent animals. But here are some interesting facts that you might not know.

A jellyfish is a marine animal that has an umbrella-shaped bell and tentacles projecting from it. Although there are more than 3,000 species of jellyfish, all of them have common characteristics. Jellyfish can be found in any ocean, but they love warm waters near the equator. 

They live alone or in groups and some jellyfish live in colonies. Jellyfish feed on plankton and small fish. They are found in all oceans of the world, but prefer to stay near the surface of the water because they breathe through their skin.

A jellyfish can sting even after it is dead!

jellyfish tattoo meaning

What does a jellyfish tattoo mean: 5 jellyfish tattoo meanings

Mystery & Elegance

The jellyfish tattoo has an elegant design that makes it very pleasant to look at. The round shapes of the animal’s body are balanced by the long tentacles that extend into space on both sides. This creature is a great inspiration for tattoo artists and its mysterious nature makes it an attractive subject.

The jellyfish represents mystery because this animal lives in the depths of the sea, it is not possible to see them often and when you do, they are so delicate that they look almost unreal. They have a simple beauty, but at the same time, they are very complex.


A jellyfish tattoo symbolizes mystery, elegance, and also femininity – similar to the spider. It is not known exactly why this particular animal has become connected with female beauty but it probably has something to do with its softness and charm. Another reason for that might be its graceful movements or water-y environment.

Love for nature

The jellyfish tattoo is very popular among people who love nature, especially if they are marine life fans. Jellyfish are among the most beautiful animals that live in the sea. Their translucent bodies are decorated with vibrant colors and their long tentacles sway like flowers in the water. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that the jellyfish tattoo has become so popular.

Desire for freedom

Although jellyfish can’t really be called free animals, they do enjoy great movement in water. In fact, they can be found in every ocean and their unique design allows them to move very efficiently through the waters. The long tentacles of jellyfish also represent freedom because they are not restricted by other things except the currents of the seas.

The jellyfish tattoo represents freedom because it is an animal that can’t really be caught or held captive. Jellyfish are also known for their mysterious nature and have the ability to surprise people with sudden movements that are not always expected.


The jellyfish tattoo can be a great way of expressing affection for people who are close to you. This animal means protection and love, so if you have someone you want to protect, why not pay tribute to him or her with this beautiful design? The appearance of the jellyfish is also associated with the idea of being fragile and that’s why it can be a great way of showing that you care.

Who wears jellyfish tattoos?

Jellyfish tattoos are a favorite tattoo among women. With its softness and gracefulness, it is a perfect choice for a woman who wants a feminine tattoo that still has an air of mystery surrounding it.

Jellyfish tattoos are not just for women anymore, though. Nowadays, more and more men are getting their inspiration from the sea, too, and they can be spotted wearing tattoos of jellyfish on different body parts.

What do jellyfish represent in different cultures?

In some cultures, the jellyfish is believed to have many medicinal benefits. It is believed that the jellyfish can treat various diseases and heal certain injuries. This belief has existed for centuries and it is possible that this belief originates from ancient Chinese folk tales about a magical king, who would cure all diseases after eating a certain creature which was very much like a jellyfish.

The Japanese believe that if you see a jellyfish when you are in trouble, it is a sign of good luck. Because the shape of this animal resembles many different flowers, some people believe that seeing a jellyfish is a sign that they have been visited by a spirit.

The spiritual meaning of the jellyfish of the sea is often perceived as a metaphor for something so beautiful, fragile, and mysterious that you are not really sure what it is. This animal has become an inspiration for many artists, musicians, and poets throughout history so you can find lots of different artistic representations of this creature.

Jellyfish Tattoo Symbolism

The beautiful shape and nature of the jellyfish makes it a very popular subject for many people. The blue and pink colors of these animals make them especially appealing and even more mysterious. There are different types of jellyfish tattoos that you can choose from:

Simple Jellyfish

This is probably one of the simplest designs on a jellyfish tattoo. It has a blue body and transparent tentacles that seem to be waving in the water. The umbrellas of the jelly have round shapes with dots around them, which makes it look very attractive even from afar.

This simple design is perfect for those who want to wear their tattoos without attracting too much attention.

The Blue Jellyfish Tattoo

Another popular choice of design is this one, which consists of a blue jellyfish on a leg or wrist. This type of jellyfish tattoo usually has pink or red stripes that make it more vibrant and colorful. Even though this color combination looks lovely, you could also choose a black and gray version if you prefer simpler tattoos.

Jellyfish Swirls

If you want a tattoo that stands out and looks more artistic then this might be the perfect choice. The light blue body and dark swirls give it a very mystical and almost tribal appearance that will certainly stand out in any environment you choose to display your new ink.

The Pink JellyFish Tattoo

This design combines the beauty of the jellyfish with an elegant, feminine touch. They usually have pink or purple shades on their umbrellas, which makes them look very soft and delicate. This type of tattoo also includes thin lines around it which can add contrast to your new decoration.

The tattoo design of a jellyfish can be very unique and different from many others you may already have. If you want something unusual, but elegant, then these tattoos might be perfect for you!

In conclusion

The meaning of the jellyfish tattoo is also very diverse. It can mean an appreciation for nature, mystery, beauty, femininity, and protection.  

If you want to express your appreciation for life or mystery then the jellyfish is the perfect choice. 

We hope that this article has inspired you to get a new body decoration!

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