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If you do a quick search for the best tattoo ink on the market, don’t be surprised if you see Intenze tattoo ink in each and every search result. This tattoo ink has a list of pros as long as your arm with very few cons. 

After reading this Intenze tattoo ink review, you will be equipped with all you need to know about Intenze tattoo ink and may even be tempted to go online shopping and click “add to cart” so that you can add this much-loved tattoo ink to your kit. 

Why Choose Intenze Tattoo Ink?

As a tattoo artist, you should be putting your client’s skin first. Not only does this mean you should know how to handle a tattoo machine, but also selecting the best ink you can. You should only buy inks that are safe and contain high-quality, non-toxic ingredients. Why? Well not only will the right ink do your tattoos justice, but they also leave your client with an artwork that still looks vibrant years later. What’s more, choosing the right ink can actually help the skin heal faster! 

Now, Intenze tattoo ink does that and more. 

Ink Quality

This ink is backed by science. When it comes to testing Intenze for safety and quality, the company employs formulas and processes that ensure only the best ingredients make it to you. The pigments go through an exhaustive testing process to ensure that they’re the right viscosity, liquidity, temperature, and have the right pH level. Taking this thorough course of action means you’re buying a tattoo ink that comes out smooth, vibrant, and best yet, an ink that will help tattoos heal faster. After the mixing process, the inks are botted and sterilized through a third-party sterilization facility.


Intenze tattoo ink doesn’t come in just any type of bottle—these bottles are modified in such a way that you can easily spot if it has been opened. The bottle comes with a break-off at the bottom of the cap, which clearly shows if it is properly sealed or has been opened. There’s also a break-off seal tip on the nozzle that creates a small opening to help with more precise decanting. 

As a tattoo artist, you know that tattoo ink bottles can get messy quickly if they’re designed incorrectly. You won’t have that problem with Intenze tattoo ink bottles


Safety is one of this brand’s top priorities. They use ingredients of the highest standards, which means Intenze tattoo ink meets international health standards. Furthermore, these inks are 100% vegan, which means clients with sensitive skin can sit for their tattoo without worrying about having a bad reaction to one of the ingredients. In fact, Intenze tattoo ink claims to be the first tattoo ink ever to produce 100% vegan ink that has never been tested on animals. They even partnered with PETA to create a color set specifically for the animal rights organisation where 100% of its proceeds go to helping animals

Talking about ingredients, they’re not a State secret and anyone can get their hands on this information. Knowing what exactly goes into the ink gives a lot of tattoo artists and clients peace of mind—no need to worry about secret formulas and hidden toxic ingredients. 


You get what you pay for and knowing what you now know about the quality of ingredients, high manufacturing and safety standards, and absolute passion for the business, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Intenze is considered a premium tattoo ink. This means that this ink is a little more expensive than other inks on the market—per 1 ounce bottle and for tattoo ink sets. 

Considering the price, this brand may be better suited for more seasoned tattoo artists but if you can afford it early on in your career, go for it! Using high-quality ink can take your tattoos to the next level. 

All in all, the Intenze brand is, well, intense! It takes the business of tattoo ink very seriously and goes above and beyond right from the beginning of the manufacturing process, right through to when you’re holding one of their more than 250 shades or ultra-popular black or white inks in your hands.

If you’re looking for a high-quality ink that will compliment your skill with its durability, then look no further. As a tattoo artist, you will appreciate the fact that they properly sterilize and seal their ink. Add to that the fact that you can expect an ink with consistent quality that speeds up the healing process and you’re looking at one of the best tattoo ink brands on the market. 

Before we look at three of the most popular Intenze tattoo ink products, let’s recap why this ink belongs on the shelves in your shop

  • It holds well on the skin. 
  • It helps the skin heal. 
  • The bottles are tamper-proof.
  • The ink is sterilized.
  • It is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 
  • It contains only the highest-quality, non-toxic ingredients.

Of course, the high-price point may count against this tattoo ink, but should it really? The quality of the product makes it worth splurging a little extra if you can.

Buy Intenze tattoo ink here.

Intenze Tattoo Ink Products Overview

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Top Three Intenze Tattoo Ink Products

1. Intenze Professional Ink Zuper Black: Blackest Black Ink

Intenze Professional Ink Zuper Black

It doesn’t matter if you plan on doing black and grey work, lining, or shading, using highly pigmented black ink is always a win, and Intenze’s Zuper Black is one of the best out there. 

It has the same perks as other Intenze tattoo inks including being 100% vegan-friendly, made from only the best ingredients, coming in a tamper-proof bottle, and all the other high-quality safety and manufacturing standards you’ve read about in this article. You can add to that list the fact that this ink doesn’t dry out quickly–it will maintain its original consistency from the time you decant it until your client is “oohing and aahing” in admiration of your final artwork. 

This Intenze black tattoo ink is suitable for tribal and blackout tattoos and works great with any kind of tattoo machine. 

2. Intenze Color Ink Set: Best Color Selection

 Intenze Color Ink Set

With 19 eye-popping colors the only thing that is keeping you from bringing your tattoo designs to life is your imagination! This Intenze tattoo ink set is a must-buy if you’re passionate about your craft and want to give your client only the best. 

There aren’t many mellow colors in this set—you can expect vivid and intense inks such as hard orange, bright red, and lemon yellow. Of course, no tattoo color ink set is complete without the primary colors and more neutral shades. This is what makes this set stand out: it contains all the colors you need to tell a story. 

As with all Intenze tattoo inks, you don’t have to worry about it containing any heavy metal or toxic elements. 

3. Intenze Cleanze Concentrate: Best Tattoo Soap

 Intenze Cleanze Concentrate

If Intenze tattoo inks are such high-quality one can expect that any other products this brand makes won’t disappoint either. 

Tattoo skin cleansers are often a hit or miss, which is why so many professional tattoo artists mix their own. With Intenze Cleanze Concentrate, you don’t have to play chemist anymore. It is a super gentle, antibacterial skin cleanser that you can use before and throughout the tattoo session to not only clean but calm the skin. 

Just remember that this is a concentrate and you will need to dilute it! 


There are a lot of tattoo inks to choose from on the market. In fact, at the beginning of one’s career, it can get downright confusing. There’s no doubt in our mind that Intenze tattoo ink is a premium tattoo ink that lives up to their reputation. If you’re looking for high-quality, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free inks that were mixed with safety in mind, then Intenze is the brand for you. 

Yes, it is a little pricey but you want your tattoos to stand out and make people do a double-take. We recommend you save up a little extra and invest in Intenze tattoo inks. You won’t regret it and neither will your clients. 

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