Hummingbird Tattoo Meaning, Symbolism, Designs, Ideas

The hummingbird tattoo is mostly worn by women and is considered to be one of the most popular bird tattoo chosen by them.

It’s very popular in a lot of countries and there are no age boundaries that say who should and who shouldn’t get it.

It is the beauty and the grace of this little bird that attracts women all around the globe to choose this tattoo.

The astonishing colors of the bird make this tattoo very vibrant and feminine, and there are quite a lot of options that help you make it more personal and intriguing.

Hummingbirds can be made in many different ways, they look great in all sizes and colors and can be placed on every part of the body. Women especially like to put in on their shoulders and chest.

If it is done carefully, it will include all the details one should pay attention to.

Hummingbirds Meaning, Symbolism

What do you know about hummingbirds? They aren’t quite popular when it comes to knowledge and many people know a bit about their symbolism, but not a lot of things about their origins. They live in North and South America and have been a part of many legends and myths.

All the native civilizations somehow incorporated hummingbirds into their religions or beliefs. Birds altogether were a popular subject to talk about so hummingbirds were no excuse.

Hummingbirds have been closely connected to the ancient Aztec people and were spoken off as spiritual birds. They have also been a part of the Mayan culture, but since these two groups were similar, many people think that it somehow was transferred from one to another.

The Aztecs considered that every hummingbird is a deceased warrior who reincarnated after his death. That is why they thought this bird was so precious to them. They respected them and no one was allowed to hunt it or kill it.

And that is also the reason why all the royal Aztecs and all their tribal mages wore this bird’s feathers on their neckleces. They put the feathers in a little bag and kept it arround their necks, believing that it makes them more powerful because they get the strength and the knowledge the above mentioned soldier got throughout his life.

Hummingbird Tattoo Meaning, Symbolism, Designs, Ideas

South Africans always associated these birds with resurrection. It is because the hummingbirds have a way to rest: they use light hibernation during colder nights and the bird stands so still that it looks like it is dead. It was very scary for them to experience this.

Some myths call the hummingbirds “the messengers from heaven”.  They think that, because of their beauty, they are connected to the gods.

There is a legend that a hummingbird flew to the gods in the sky to ask for rain, and the gods immidietaly granted its wish.

A Native American Cherokee tribe has its own legend, where a hummingbird brought them tobacco.

Did you know that Trinidad and Tobago are often called “the land of the hummingbirds“? There are thousands of hummingbirds on this island and it is every important to them. They need to be protected from going extinct too and therefore these countries pay special attention to this animal.

Hummingbird is very important to this country and it can be found on their

Coat of Arms, even on their money and on their passport. It is a symbol of their fauna.

There are a lot of species of these bird and the land has an enormous number of flowers so the birds could have something to eat.

This bird is very special and unique. It is also very graceful. The first thing this bird is special for is its capability to fly in all directions, including backward and it can stop itself in flight in microseconds.

It must eat more than fifty times a day in order to survive, beause it spends so much energy that it constantly has to keep the balance.

Did you know that hummingbirds cannot survive without flowers? This is a very mutual relationship between them. It is one of the many examples of Mother Nature’s work that connects two different living beings.

Hummingbird is a very tiny and hardworking bird which spends a lot of time just keeping itself alive. Because of the fact that it is really small and fragile, it has to work more than other birds to keep itself alive.

That is why the hummingbird tattoo represents so much to people who had rough times in life and always found the strength to overcome the hard times.

The meaning of the hummingbird tattoo

Love – this is especially true if the tattoo contains two hummingbirds close to each other, with the names of the pair in love. Hummingbirds are very small and delicate and that’s why a lot of women find them interesting to get as a tattoo.

Joy – these birds spend a lot of time drinking the tasty flower nectar and enjoying it as much as they can.

Hope – the hummingbird tattoo can be related to hope through the birds persistance. They work very hard and they spend a lot of time just keeping themselves alive which is a constant trouble for such a small being.

Charm – they are beautiful by looks and by their hum. Many people can name a hummingbird when they see one because they have a very distinct look and they differ from other birds because of their beautiful colors.

Peace – these birds live in harmony and have no anger inside them, for they are very fragile and mostly afraid of things around them.

Persistence – the hummingbird tattoo can mean persistence because these birds don’t give up on anything to reach what they want.

Speed – the tattoo can also think of the speed because they fly very fast, they actually have one of the fastest wings in the whole animal kingdom.

Energy – hummingbirds are very energetic which means that they strive to do more each and every day. If you feel like you are as energetic and hardworking as them, get yourself this great tattoo.

Freedom – hummingbirds are very fast and not easy to catch. They succeed in escaping a lot of traps due to their speed. They value their freedom very much so the tattoo can represent that too.

Loneliness – a lot of hummingbirds are single and don’t share love for company so if you are a lonely person you can connect to this tattoo

Reincarnation – hummingbirds are respected in lot of civilizations, and considered to be the reincarnation of great warriors and mages.

Hummingbird Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Getting a hummingbird tattoo can be very creative because the hummingbird can be made in many different colors and very often it has flowers and clouds or butterflies alongside it.

If you like colors you can use more vibrant colors, and if you like more realistic images you can use this. Many people that have a connection to art decide to get a tattoo that shows  this bond and therefore they can get really creative.

If you choose a small hummingbird it can fit on your neck, ankle, stomach or even behind the ear. It’s very practical and those who are getting a tattoo for the first time love them because they can be done in one, single session without much pain.

Larger images can be inked onto your back, chest, thighs or anyother larger area of the body.

Hummingbirds don’t live over ten years and they are very light (they weight less than a coin).

Hummingbird windy tattoo

Since a hummingbird beats with its wings 50 times per second, a lot of tattoos represent that majestic nature wonder by making wind lines alongside the bird or making blurr wings to show how fast it is.

The hummingbird is not only really small but is also full of colors on such a tiny body. Some people decide to colour them in: maybe in the colour of their country’s flag, maybe in rainbow colours or just in their favorite gradient. For this, however, you need to spend more time in the tattoo parlour.

It has beautiful green, blue, lavender and auburn colours on it and therefore you can choose amongst many of the gorgeous designs that nature gives them.

Hummingbird  tattoo with flowers 

This is the most common tattoo of a hummingbird. The bird is surrounded with beautiful flowers in all shades but mostly pink and red. If you have a favorite flower, you can actually paint that special flower on your body.

Most people decide to get a delicate one because it fits humming birds really well, since they are delicate as well.

This is their natural habitat because they spend a lot of time near flowers and they need them in order to get food and continue their lives.

A lot of tattoos are an image of a hummingbird which drinks the nectar from the flowers and it is made in dozens of different colors. It is a way to show that you are a person than genuinely takes care for others.

If you have your favorite flowers you can choose to put  them on the tattoo as well.

It is only important that the flowers are made in warm and bright colors, to match the sweet personality of a humming bird.

Small hummingbird ear tattoo

This tattoo is made in black and is very tiny. It can be also made in colors but it is a little harder due to the fact that it is very close to the ear and that it is a very tiny tattoo.

But it looks very effective and soft, making this a good place to show  or hide the  tattoo. Many young people decide to get this one since it’s not that visible, it doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t take long to get it tattooed.

Hummingbird musical tattoo

Since hummingbird is known for its hum, sometimes it is tattooed alongside a music note or a lot of them. It looks really interesting and gives it a new meaning. Especially if you are a musician.

Expressive hummingbird tattoo

This tattoo is made more unreal, like some kind of modern art. The lines of the bird are made black and the colors in it are all pastel, but since the lines are not really connected it looks unrealistic.

This is a tattoo chosen by people who like to be different and unique, those who are not afraid to say what they mean and do what they feel is the best for them.

Tropical hummingbird tattoo

This tattoo is different from the others because the bird is really tiny and the flowers are made really big. They are made as big colorful tropical flowers which surround the little bird.

If you have a special place where you like to go on vacation, or even if you are somehow connected with this tropical location because of your ancestors, this is a great way to pay some respect to it.

Watercolor hummingbird tattoo

All watercolor tattoos look great but this is especiallly attractive since this bird has so many colors that it seems like magic.

It is mostly made in sea blue color and is very warm to the look. One can choose whatever colour he/she wants, but it is usually practical to get one that will match the personality of the person who wears it.

There are no sharp edges on this tattoo, quite a contrary, the colors seems to be spreading over the bird lines in a beautiful manner.

Hummingbird infinity tattoo

This tattoo is special because it shows a hummingbird as a part of the infinty sign.

Although some think that infinty tattoos are out of the game, this proves otherwise.

There are a lot of infinty versions but all of them include the birds long tail as a way to connect it into the infinity sign.

This tattoo is also pretty popular amongst young female teachers, scientists and mathematicians.

Tribal hummingbird tattoo

Most people love tribal tattos because they bring something different to the tattoos and still something so familiar.

Made mostly in black, it seems as it is a part of the Mayan or Aztec legacy.

That is why these tattoos are made only in black because it was the only tattooing color at the beginning.

3D Hummingbird tattoo

It is great that today you have so many artists who can make an incredible 3D tattoo. You can choose which angle looks the best and you can let your artist know why you want to do this.

Hummingbird is a very special bird which can look very awesome if it is made to look like it is alive. Many people like to make the tattoo in a way where it looks like the hummingbird is being watched from the sky: from an upper point.

This gives a very interesting perspective to the tattoo too, because the person wearing it must be organized, a planner lover or just someone that is really ambitious, always trying to be better than they were yesterday.

That can be done with a little bit of black ink that can help the bird to look like it is gonna pop out from the skin.

Flit tattoo

There is a lot of people that are fans of Walt Disney’s work and therefore they must be familiar with the character called Flint. It is a small hummingbird from a special hero named Pocahontas.

She is a Native American woman fighting for her rights and this little fella is her friend. Young people and those who are special fans usually get this little character tattoed. It’s very popular for young girls to get it too.

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