Honeycomb Tattoo – Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself, so you should choose a design that will have a deeper symbolical meaning.

Actually, your tattoo should show who you really are and what is important for you. If you love tattoos, bee tattoos may be a great choice for you. They have strong symbolism and there are many designs in which these tattoos can be made.

Since ancient times bees had an important role in many traditions and cultures. These small insects have always been a very popular design for tattoos. There is no doubt that insects are usually used for tattoo designs, but the truth is that the bees have special importance and symbolism when it come to tattoos. Bee tattoos are gaining attention because they have a lot of secret meanings and their symbolism is very inspiring for tattoos.

In this article you will find out more about the symbolism of bees and tattoo designs that are related to them. Actually, we will talk about honeycomb tattoos and their symbolism. You have probably seen many times these tattoos and you may have been wondering what they mean.

Now you will have the opportunity to find out the secret meaning and symbolism of honeycomb tattoos.

Also, we will give you some interesting ideas and designs that you could use if you want to have this tattoo.

Since old times it was believed that the bee symbolized hope and soul, so it was not good to kill a bee. Bees have also been seen as symbols of fertility, family, sexuality, hard work, etc. In this text you will see many other symbolic meanings that are related to bees and their honeycombs.

If you love tattoos and if you are planing to have one, we are sure that you will enjoy this article. It will help you decide which honeycomb tattoo design is the best for you and what it may symbolize. If you are looking for a unique and attractive tattoo, we are sure that you will find something interesting in this article.

Meanings and Symbolism

When you see honey bee tattoo, you may be wondering what this tattoo means. Tattoos with bees usually represent environmental protection as well as hard work. Bees are also a symbol of community, family and honor.

Also, these tattoos are associated with courage and loyalty. But, now we will analyze the honeycomb tattoos that are becoming more and more popular every day.

When you see a honeycomb tattoo, you will be certainly amazed and you will wonder how it is possible that bees create such a perfect structure. Honeycomb tattoos have similar meanings as bees tattoos in general. These tattoos are usually considered to symbolize cooperation that exists inside the group.

Honeycomb Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

We all know that bees are raising their young in honeycombs, so we can say that tattoos with honeycombs are also a symbol of children and family. Bees will become very aggressive if you are near their honeycomb or if their young are in danger. If you are very dedicated to your family and if the family is the most important thing for you, then you could have a beautiful honeycomb tattoo on your body.

We have also said that honeycomb tattoos are a symbol of hard work, so if you wear this tattoo, it will remind you of your hard work. Now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work and to feel its sweet taste.

It is noticed that men choose these tattoos rather than women. For them honeycomb tattoos symbolize not only hard work, but also handsomeness and fertility. Men with these tattoos are feeling more self-confident and they are very attractive to the opposite sex.

We have said that honeycomb tattoos are always perfectly shaped and organized, so they can be a symbol of your life and peace that you have.

Honeycomb is also associated with intelligence. Bees are creating honeycombs, so that everything is perfectly structured and clarified. There is no doubt that they are very intelligent creatures with the great sense of order and perfection. If you wear honeycomb tattoos, it could also mean that everything in your life is or could be so perfect. You have eliminated chaos from your life and you live in peace. Now when you know what honeycomb tattoo means, we will give you some interesting ideas and designs of this tattoo.

Designs and Ideas

If you are looking for an incredible geometric tattoo which will have a special symbolism, then you shoud think of honeycomb tattoo. As you can see in many honeycomb tattoo designs, these tattoos have hexagonal walls that are made without any mistake.

Honeycomb Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

These tattoos have a perfect look and they are always done with great precision. Of course, you should find a professional tattoo artist if you want to wear this kind of tattoo. We have already mentioned that these perfect shapes could be a great symbol for order and peace in your life.

Honeycomb tattoos can be done in different ways. They can be large or small and both of them usually look very attractive.

Also, the color of these tattoos can be different. You can have a honeycomb in yellow or dark black color. You can also combine many other colors, but it would be best to ask your tattoo artist for an advice. If you like simple designs without many details, you can choose simple outline tattoo with honeycomb.

It is also important to decide on which part of your body you will have this tattoo. You can wear it on your shoulder, forearm, on your back, on your leg, but also on other parts of your body. A small honeycomb tattoo could look great on your neck, as well as on your hand.

In most cases, people want to have a tattoo with a combination of a bee and honeycomb. One of the most common designs for these tattoos is a realistic bee design, which represents a bee and a honeycomb in the background. This tattoo is favorite because you can change the honeycomb shape to make this tattoo fit in a certain part of your body. If you have a good tattoo artist, he will know how to change honeycomb design on your tattoo and how to make it perfectly for your body.

There is also a popular neotraditional bee in combination with a realistic honeycomb in the background. This tattoo is made in brown, yellow and black color and it is very attractive.

A very interesting tattoo design is also honey that is going through the honeycomb. This tattoo will attract attention, but if you want to make it even better, you can have a small bee right on the honeycomb. The bee can be black and white, while the honey that is going through the honeycomb will be in a yellow color. This will create a great impression and there is no doubt that it will attract a lot of attention.

We will also mention a tattoo with a honeycomb which is ideal for lovers, friends or sisters. One person could wear a tattoo with honeycomb with 2 bees which goes along the shoulder or arm and other person could have a similar design which will be actually the continuation of this first tattoo. If you prefer, you can choose the same design as your friend or partner. These tattoos are usually done in black color, but it will look amazing when you see these two tattoos at the same time, because it is obvious that there is a strong connection between them.

As you have seen in this article, bee tattoos are very popular because they may have many different meanings. We hope we helped you understand better the symbolism of honeycomb tattoos and their secret meaning. Also, we are sure that you will take into account some of the designs and ideas that we have told you.

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