Hedgehog Tattoo – Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

The reasons for perpetuating images on the skin are as individual as man himself. Early tattoos are based on a tribal ritual or a cultic background. In Egypt, a tattoo should give the deceased power and reproductive ability in the hereafter. Among the Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan, recognized at a tattoo around the mouth the status of an adult Eheweibs. African tribes expressed the connection between procreation, birth, death, strength and courage. Tattoo as a sign of the group and belonging to a place is a very common thing.

Religious is the background in the skin signs of the early Christians. They took the initial letters Christi, CX or I.N. (Jesus Nazarenius), or symbols of Christianity such as lamb, cross or fish on the forehead or the wrist sting. The Crusaders in the Middle Ages also stabbed a cross in the skin. Without this identification, their belief was that a Christian East homestead was not sure of a fighter in the Muslim Orient.

Whether sailors, foreign legionnaires, the Yakuza Japanese mafiosi, members of the SS during the Second World War, prostitutes and pimps, or members of the rock gang Hells Angels – (marginal) groups still use tattoos as a sign of their togetherness. In Auschwitz, Nazi concentration camps, the inmates were tattooed a number on their arms to identify bodies without clothing and escaped inmates.

Art on the skin also served as a way of earning a living: on fairs and curiosities, people earned their livelihood with their display.

An example from the recent past is the 99.9 percent tattooed Briton Tom Leppard. In the mid-1980s, he had his leopard design applied and his canines sharpened. For a long time he was listed in the “Guinness Book of Records” as the most fully tattooed man. In 2016 Leppard died at the age of 80 years.

Tattoos were and are often the expression of a counterculture, which is directed against valid norms. But like many other posturing, tattooing has long become socially acceptable: celebrity singers, actors and athletes can be tattooed just like bank employees, teachers and students.

Individual, as imaginative as possible tattoos, are cult, are considered fashionable, erotic and chic. Also, the psychological aspect of visibly expressing mental sensitivities on the skin has increased in recent years.

Meaning and Symbolism

The hedgehog comes into your life to tell you that you should defend yourself against attacks from outside. Do not let others manipulate you. The way you go is your way. Do not let others spoil or deny you. Be ready to fight for your ideas and your dignity. Show your claws, your spikes, it is important for your self-confidence that you go this way.

I remain true to myself, because only my way leads me to success. Although the hedgehog is very small, it effectively understands how to effectively protect against other animals. He does not have to make himself small and hide, for fear of being hurt. If a danger comes to him, he hides himself, making it almost impossible for others to grab him. This ability enables him to live unmolested in nature.

What others think about what you do is not relevant to you. Because you alone are responsible for everything and also have to bear the consequences of your actions. Rather bear the consequences of your own actions, than that you have to take responsibility, for an action that is imposed on you from the outside.

Turn your life into an announcement of your own beliefs. Stay true to yourself and to your ideals, because infidelity to yourself is a sacrilege. The path you are on leads you to your destiny. This provision is only for you, so you have to go this way alone.

Hedgehog Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

Design and Ideas

Understandably, many tattoo novices are not planning their first tattoos for the next few years. Popular places for the first tattoos are for example clavicle or shoulder.

However, some later get annoyed that they have built their cleavage or back so early. These places are particularly well suited for large projects, as they offer just a correspondingly large area for such. It is not always possible to integrate the old motifs well into the new project. Often it is then resorted to methods such as covers or lasers, which is of course annoying for yourself.

As such, there is no skin-covered area on the body that cannot be tattooed. Which is the best body spot for your tattoo, cannot say blanket. In the following, however, you will find more or less all the places for a tattoo and what you should consider when placing placements. It starts with the head, goes over the neck, neck, back, chest and stomach and stops with the feet and toes, which you can decorate with a tattoo.

Each site offers different possibilities. So, even though most people get a tattoo on their upper arm, there are many other popular places on their arms, such as the wrist.

Arm Tattoo – Probably the most popular spot

The arm is the part of the body where most people get a tattoo. Preferably, the area of ​​the upper arm is also selected.

There are many other options on the arm and even tattoo styles especially designed for the arm with which you can decorate your arm.

Bracelet Tattoo – Jewelry for eternity

The tattoo bracelet is a special tattoo art, which is intended for the upper arm, but in its placement is variable.

Also the forearm or the wrist is possible. Like the accessories of the same name, they are characterized by the fact that they loop around the entire arm.

Eyeball Tattoo – You have read correctly.

Also on the eyeball or on the cornea, you can tattoo and tint the white eyeball in a specific color. Due to the enormous risks of this type of tattoo is strongly discouraged. Choose the eye for it rather than motive.

Belly or stomach Tattoo

Whether you have a trained or slightly rounder belly, a tattoo on this part of the body can be visually appealing. In some cases it is advisable to do without a tattoo on the stomach and look for a more suitable place.

Leg Tattoo

The leg opens up many different ways to place a tattoo. For women, the thighs are the most popular and in men the calves are the most popular. The legs are just as versatile as the arms, which you should take advantage of.

Bodysuit Tattoo

Instead of listing the places where a bodysuit tattoo is located, it is shorter to name the areas that are not tattooed. A classic bodysuit covers the whole body down to the head, the hands and the feet and thus represents a kind of colored suit for the skin.

Rib cage Tattoo

Like the back, the rib cage also offers plenty of room to dress with a tattoo. Even though breast tattoos are very attractive, there are also some things to keep in mind here. Also consider the increased pain, if you want to include the ribs.

Wing Tattoo

Wing tattoos are preferably pricked on the back and often look very realistic. They usually consist of two wings and are located on the shoulder blades, so it looks as if the tattooed had real wings. Of course, there are other design options.

Foot Tattoo

When tattoos on the feet is often the visual enhancement of this body area in the foreground. However, the tattoo does not have to be limited to the foot, but can also cover the toes and even the calves or the whole leg with ornate patterns and shapes.

Face Tattoo

Not only when we look in the mirror we see our face. Also in window panes and shop windows we are confronted daily several times with our mirror image. Consequently, you will always see your face tattoo there. And that is for a lifetime.

Genital region Tattoo

Among the most intimate tattoo sites is the pubic and genital area. Erotic appeal and sexual charisma are in the foreground of this type of tattoo, but they are not to everyone’s taste. So think about what your (future) partner might think of such tattoos.

Neck Tattoo

The neck and especially the neck form the transition from the head to the upper body. This can be bridged with a tattoo from both directions or selected specifically as a spot. Especially when the tattoo is partially covered by clothing awaken the curiosity of others.

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