Guardian Angel Tattoo – Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

People have always loved to decorate their bodies with tattoos. They had usually deep symbolic meanings and they symbolized the traits of people who were wearing them. If you want to have a tattoo, it is important to choose a symbol that will tell something about your own personality and your life. Many people have tattoos with animals or with the first letters of their names. There are so many ideas and designs, so you have to choose what suits you best.

In this article we will talk about guardian angel tattoos. You have probably seen someone who has this tattoo and you may have wondered what could be its secret meaning. If you want to find out more about these tattoos and their symbolism, you should continue reading this article.

Guardian angel tattoos have always been popular and favorite among people in all cultures. Also, angels have always been a great inspiration for many artists and architectures. Not only were the angels an inspiration for paintings and sculptures, but also churches, museums and homes were decorated with these powerful creatures.

However, in the recent couple of years angel tattoos have gained extreme popularity. These tattoos can have many different meanings, depending on design that you choose and the idea that you want to express with your tattoo. Even though angel tattoos have a positive connotation in most cases, sometimes they may be also associated with something mysterious and dark.

We hope this article will help you understand better the symbolism of guardian angel tattoos, so you may also decide to have one.

Meanings and Symbolism

There are many reasons why you should choose a guardian angel tattoo for you body and they are all positive. The first and most important meaning of guardian angel tattoos is protection. People want to feel protected with guardian angel who is watching over them. When the word angel was translated from the latin, it meant the messenger of the god. In Greek language angels symbolize something new that is going to come. In many religions all over the world, such as Christianity, Judaism or Islam, it is believed that guardian angels are protecting us from any harm and they are watching over everything we do. That’s why the most people want to have a tattoo of a guardian angel on their bodies.

Not only will your guardian angel protect you, but he will also give you the right guidance in life. It is believed that our guardian angels are showing us the right path that we should follow in our lives.

Sometimes people choose guardian angel tattoos in memory of their lost friend or relative. Also, people who were about to die, but have survived, want to have this tattoo on their bodies.

Guardian angel tattoos can also be a sign that people are trying to connect with god. Actually, angels have always been considered to bring messages from the Divine.

We can say that guardian angel tattoos can be a symbol not only of protection, but also of romantic love, doubt, sadness and hope. Even though the connotation of guardian angel tattoos is positive, it is important to know that each tattoo design will have a special symbolic meaning.

Now you will see some of the most interesting ideas and designs when it comes to guardian angel tattoos. If you are not sure which design could be best for you, we recommend you to continue reading this article, because you will certainly find some interesting ideas for your tattoo.

Guardian Angel Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

Designs and Ideas

If you have decided to put guardian angel tattoo on your body, you should also choose a design that you like most. It is interesting that most tattoos of this type are done without angel’s body or head. In most cases there are only angel wings that could have a very strong spiritual meaning. There are so many designs with angel wings, but we will show you the most interesting of them.

Among the most popular tattoos is a tattoo with angel’s wings that is usually done on someone’s back. This tattoo is big and it looks very gorgeous. The wings can take up all of someone’s back, so they look very real. The person with this tattoo looks as if she is ready to fly. If you want to have the tattoo of huge angel wings that will look real, you can choose the wings that will not only take up your back, but also your shoulders and the upper parts of your arms. These wings are made in black and white color and they look real.

Guardian Angel Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

But, you can also have two simple angel wings on your back and between the wings you can put an interesting message, such as for example: Embrace your drama, that looks great between two angel wings. There is no doubt that this tattoo has a strong spiritual meaning.

Of course, you can choose a stunning tattoo on your back that consists of two angel wings and a heart between them. This tattoo doesn’t have to be huge to look great. This tattoo is also black and white and it represents a strong symbol of pure love.

There is also a popular tattoo with a male angel who is praying. His wings are spread and this tattoo can have many spiritual meanings.

Another interesting tattoo for your back is with huge angel’s wings and angel between these wings. On this tattoo the head of an angel is bent, so it can not be seen. This tattoo is usually done in black and white color and it looks very attractive.

If you want to have a small and simple tattoo of a guardian angel, you can put it right on the place on the body where your heart is. It could be a little angel with a tear that can be seen on his cheek. A great tattoo for you shoulder can be an angel who is flying and bringing flowers in his hands. In this tattoo a gracious face of an angel can be perfectly seen.

If you want to have very small angel tattoo that will have special meaning for you, you can put the angel’s wings on your both thumbs. This tattoo is made in black and white color and it can look very cute.

Guardian Angel Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

If you want to have an original and attractive tattoo, you can choose an angel wing that will turn into an initial of your own name or an initial of the name of your loved one. This tattoo is perfect and it represents love.

One of the most attractive guardian angel tattoos is also a tattoo of an angel that is holding a baby in the arms. This angel is usually represented as a female angel with long hair and huge wings. This tattoo with angel holding a baby can have many different symbolic meanings and it is usually done in black and white color. If you choose this tattoo, it could be perfect for your shoulder.

A very common angel tattoo design is with an angel whose head is bowed and who is crying. This tattoo is usually done in the upper part of someone’s back and the angel is represented with long hair. This tattoo is very common, especially among women.

One of the most popular tattoos is also a tattoo of a collapsed and fallen angel. This tattoo is usually small and it can look great on your body. There are many variants of this tattoo, so you can choose a tattoo that suits you best.

If you would like to have a mysterous tattoo that could have many different secret meanings, then you can choose a beautiful female angel with her attractive figure and spread wings. This tattoo looks very sexy and it hides many secret meanings. Most women are choosing this tattoo because it can tell a lot about their own personalities.

There is also a black and white traditional tattoo of an angel with a message. The owner has to choose a message that will be important for him.

There is also a small and sweet angel tattoo with an angel who is sitting and who holds his head in his hands. This image is very popular and it could look very cute on your body.

As you can see, most of angel tattoos are done in black and white color. But, you can also choose a design with several colors. One of the most popular is something between an angel and a fairy. A beautiful colorful creature with wings will look great on your shoulder and it will be certainly your guardian angel.

We will also tell you about a tattoo that could symbolize the light and the dark side at the same time.

Actually, you can choose a tattoo of an angel that is standing in front of a devil. This tattoo has a very deep symbolical meaning. Actually, it means that you have always a choice in your life. You have to decide whether you will do something good or something evil.

We will also mention a tattoo of a dark angel, which seems to have a dark origin. This tattoo is usually small, so you can choose a part of your body where you could put it.

You can also choose an outline design of a tattoo. An angel done in outline version without any details will also look great on your body. There is also a cute tattoo with a baby who is being held in angel wings. This tattoo is usually made in metallic silver color and it could be great for your inner wrist.

As you could see in this article, guardian angel tattoos are very popular and they may have many symbolic meanings. You have also seen some of the most popular designs for these tattoos that could be helpful for you. The first thing is to decide what you want to express with your angel tattoo and on which part of your body you want to put it.

Also, it is of the crucial importance to find a tattoo artist who will make the guardian angel on your body to look real. Whatever design you choose, you can be sure that it will look very attractive and it will have a special spiritual meaning.

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