Frog Tattoo – Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

Tattoo is a permanent marker on your skin that comes from inserting inks into skin layers to change pigmentation due to decorative or other causes. In humans, tattoos are mostly used as decorative body modifications, while animals are mostly tattooed for identification or branding.

Tattooing is practiced all over the world. Ainu – Japan’s original residents traditionally wore tattoos on their faces.

Today, such tattoos can still be found at Berbera from Tamazge or in Maori from New Zealand. Tattooing was very widespread among the peoples of Polynesia and among the tribes who lived in the Philippines, Borneo, Mentawai Islands, Africa, North and South America, Europe, Japan, Cambodia to New Zealand and Micronesia. Despite many taboos circling around the tattoo, tattooing continues to be popular throughout the world.

The name of the tattoo comes from the Samoan word “dad” which means “mark” or “apply twice” (this is the second tattoo process used by the Samoans, or the color was applied twice in the skin). The first style “that” means “hand”, and it repeats itself twice, alluding to the coloring process. “U” eventually means “color”. The instrument used to make the tattoo was called “hahau”.

The enthusiasts can call tattoos with different names that come from other nations and traditions (“tattoo” from English, “tattooing” or “Tätowierung” from German, “Horimono” from Japanese etc.). The very masters of tattoos see people differently. Some consider them to be artists, while others see them as failed talent who could not find a smarter job. Tattooing gets more and more important as art and tattoo exhibitions are organized. Most of the time, tattoo drawings were presented, but there are also exhibitions where people come to show their tattoos, like living exhibits. It was so much that one tattoo had reached the price of 150,000 euros.

In many lounges, masters of tattoos exhibit their works as inspiration for customers and as a display of their skills.

Before deciding on a tattoo or piercing, discover all the possible risks associated with it. Pay special attention to the procedures for removing tattoos or piercing if you no longer want them. Some tattoos can be made in just a few minutes, but they last a lifetime. Tattoos are permanent. These drawings are made by inserting the ink below the upper layer of your skin.

The needle is connected to a paint brush tube. The color enters the tube so that the artist tosses the tube into a bowl of paint on the table next to it. The needle lies inside this tube and runs through it repeatedly up and down by pulling the color into the skin that rhythmically breaks.

Every time the needle breaks the skin, it puts a small amount of paint on the bottom of the sting under the skin. It can be very painful for someone, and for some big tattoo it can take hours.

Particularly painful places are considered places where the meat under the skin is very thin, eg on the ribs, or directly on the knees, palms and thighs. Some places tattoo masters do not even want to tattoo because they can not be sure that a person will not move.

Meaning and Symbolism

Frog as symbol symbolizes life cycles. To the full ripeness of the frog, it passes through three stages: an egg, a plumhead and a fully developed amphibian, and therefore it associates us with the mega-cycles of change and “re-birth” in our lives. As it is related to water, it is also considered a symbol of purification, and due to the fact that when it is laid on it, it carries an enormous number of eggs for centuries as a symbol of fertility and abundance. Thus, in ancient Egypt, the goddess of birth Heket had a frog head, and the Romans often represented their goddess of love with Venus with a frog.

Frog Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

In the Celtic culture, the frog was considered the Lord of the Earth, and because of its connection with water, they believed that it represented the forces of healing.

In Western culture, frogs were more closely associated with resurrection and spiritual elevation, so in Christian culture often there are artistic works on which the frog represents a resurrection and holy trinity.

The Chinese consider the frog as a symbol of happiness and it represents Yin energy. Feng Shui advises that the image of the frog be placed in the east window of the house in order to promote the birth and happiness of the family. In Japan it is also considered a symbol of happiness and provides luck and safety on long journeys carrying frogs or figurines to ensure safe return home. Small amulets in the shape of a frog are also worn in a wallet, as the owner would not lose money.

In some Asian cultures, the energy of frogs is considered to be the connection between the world of the living and the dead, so it is customary to put the frog out of the jar into the deceased’s mouth to secure a safe passage to his soul in the world of the dead. American Indians believed that frogs brought rain and were often called to control weather conditions.

Design and Ideas

Like we already said, frog has a very rich symbolical meaning and many cultures see it as a symbol of happiness and life cycles. Frog tattoos are quite popular and can be placed almost on all parts of your body. Some might agree that the smaller the design of a frog on your body is, the prettier the actual tattoo looks like.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with large frog designs but somehow smaller frog designs work better. You can place the frog design anywhere you like, but popular places are usually ankles or back of the arms and back. Frog tattoo can work as an art statement but it can also work as a totem and protection for the person wearing it.

Frog can be tattooed in many different ways and you can certainly play with the design as much as you want to. You can do a comic design or the frog or more of a tribal design if you want something more abstract. Frog is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, so your tattoo can even bring you some of that into your life. You can tattoo the popular Chinese statue of frog with a coin in its mouth, if you want to attract wealth and money into your life or you can do a simple, realistic frog for a more plain design.

The most important thing is to find a good tattoo artist who is going to represent the liveliness of color on your frog design, or the appearance of the frog if you are doing it in black and white. Frog tattoos definitely look much better when they are done in color, which is why you should consider doing them in lively green and a spot of yellow. You can even tattoo the frog on a lily leaf, if you want to truly do a life-like representation of the frog on your body. When it comes to design and symbolical meaning of the frog tattoo, you can different names or objects next to it to make it more personal. This should be done with a tattoo artist, who’s going to take your idea and incorporate the objects to make a cohesive image for your body.


Frog tattoo is extremely popular and it can also work as a totem on your body. You can paint it realistically or do a more tribal appearance of the frog, if you want something more abstract.

This small animal is considered to be a symbol of happiness and prosperity in many cultures, so you can tattoo it on any part of your body to bring some joy into your life.

Frog tattoo designs can also be linked to your childhood memories especially if you make a design with an object next to it, to make it look more cohesive and put together.

Make sure to choose the right tattoo artist who is going to make a beautiful representation of this interesting animal and make a great design solution for what you need. Frog is an interesting animal and you can always add objects and words next to it to make the tattoo more personal and symbolic for your life. Just keep in mind to find the perfect spot and size for the tattoo to make it really stand out and in line with your desires and wants.

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