Special Father & Daughter Tattoo Ideas: Symbols, Quotes & More

Most fathers and daughters have a close bond. Getting a special father-daughter tattoo is a great way to celebrate this important person in your life. There are plenty of symbols, quotes, and designs that can reflect the connection you have. Whether you both shout for the same football team, enjoy the outdoors together, find the same television show entertaining, the options are endless when it comes to father-daughter tattoo ideas. 

If you and your father don’t have much in common, you can still show off your love for each other by choosing a time or place that has meaning for both of you. It doesn’t matter if you get something on your own, or you and your father go for matching tattoos, it is a meaningful gesture to show your appreciation for your dad. 

So, if you want to express your love for your dad, here are some beautiful father-daughter tattoo ideas to inspire you. But first, check out how old you have to be to get a tattoo

You can choose from these special father-daughter tattoo ideas to celebrate this special bond.

Magical Memories

Do you have a memory of your father that you’ll cherish forever? Maybe he used to twirl you around in the backyard or you two always went out for ice cream on Sunday afternoons. 

Whatever it may be, inking a memory on your skin is a wonderful way to always be reminded of your love for your father. It doesn’t have to be an intricate tattoo either. Let’s say you and your dad love going for walks together. A great way to translate that into a tattoo would be to get a design of an outline of a father and daughter walking next to each other, holding hands. Simple, yet still very special.

A Promise

This is specifically for fathers. Being a dad is a huge responsibility, especially if you have to raise a little girl. You’re her protector; it doesn’t matter if she’s three or 30. So, why not make your promise to be there for her visible for the world to see by tattooing her name along with the words, “I’ll be your hero,” somewhere on your body. Forearms, inner bicep, and on the chest over the heart are prime locations for such a special tattoo. If your daughter wants to join in on the tattoo fun, she can get a tattoo with the words, “My dad, my hero.” 


Getting a tattoo for your dad doesn’t mean it needs to be manly. You can choose a rose or other floral motif and ask your tattoo artist to go the neo-traditional route when they draw up their design. This is a good mix between feminine and masculine. Of course, if you want to get a girly tattoo, nothing is stopping you! 

You can adapt any design into a father-daughter tattoo if there’s meaning behind it for you and your dad. Just one tip: Use a font that compliments the style of imagery in the design. If you have a dainty floral piece and the words “I love you, Dad,” in harsh, bold font, it’s not going to look like a cohesive concept. Your tattoo artists will be able to guide you when it comes to these finer design elements if you’re feeling a little lost. 


A stand-alone quote is another wonderful father-daughter tattoo idea. It can be something you two always say to each other—something unique to your relationship; or you can jump on the internet and find a father-daughter tattoo quote that encapsulates the love between you two. Another great idea is to start the quote on one of you and let it finish on the other person. 

Her Birthday

A lot of fathers can’t explain the emotions they went through the day their daughters were born and when they first held their little girls in their arms. It truly is one of the most significant days in any man’s life. 

To commemorate this day and showcase the love you have for your daughter, you can get her date of birth as a tattoo. Deciding if you want just the date, or if you want to add a name and an image is totally up to you but whatever you choose, it is sure to warm your little girl’s heart. 


Dig out the box of baby photos and see if there’s one of your daughter you’d like to capture on your skin for always. Alternatively, snap a photo together and you both can get matching portrait tattoos. You may want to get some words inked with this particular type of tattoo to avoid any confusion. “Dad and Daughter. Forever,” is a good way to establish that it is a father and daughter tattoo and not a boyfriend and girlfriend one. That would be awkward! 


A lot of father and daughter relationships are fun; they make jokes, watch silly television shows, and at times, are the biggest pranksters in the family. You want your tattoo to be a sign of the excitement around this dad and daughter duo. To reflect this, ask your tattoo artist to draw up a colorful design for your father-daughter tattoo

10 Father & Daughter Tattoo Ideas

There’s nothing specific that makes a tattoo a father-daughter tattoo—it’s all about the meaning it has for you as father and daughter. The design also depends a lot on the kind of relationship the two of you have. You want to reflect your relationship in a way that is entirely authentic to you, but here are a few father-daughter tattoo ideas to inspire your own design. 

1. “I am Your Father”

If both of you are geeky and regularly binge all of the Star Wars movies, then this is a great tattoo for dads with daughters. Even those who aren’t familiar with the movies know the quote, “Luke, I am your father,” so if you pair it with some galactic imagery and your daughter’s name or portrait, it is a quirky way to let the world know that the love you have for your little girl is out of this world. 

2. Butterfly 

A butterfly signifies transformation, and a lot of father and daughters use it to signify a father-daughter relationship that went from rocky to rock solid! Let’s face it, there are a lot of ups and downs in families and at times, you and your dad may not be as close as you’d like to be. If you both commit to working on your issues, you can get the father-daughter relationship you’ve been longing for and then celebrate it by getting matching tattoos! 

3. Arrow 

A lot of meaning can be attached to arrow tattoos. The front and back parts of an arrow are equally important. In that sense, it is a good father-daughter tattoo idea because it shows that together, you two are unstoppable. What’s more, the daughter’s tattoo can have a feminine design, while her dad’s looks more masculine. An arrow is also a symbol of direction and guidance, and that is exactly what fathers (and daughters) do. 

4. Biker Badge

If your father is a biker, how neat would it be if he got a biker-badge type tattoo reading “Daughter’s Knight,” or something along those lines. Of course, if the daughter is a biker herself or enjoys the lifestyle, she can get a ‘badge’ that compliments her father’s. “Father’s Angle,” is an excellent example. These tattoos are wild and very “rock and roll” but still very enduring. 

5. Heart

You can make a heart out of a lot of things: fingerprints, flower stems, dice, antlers; the list is endless. Find something you and your dad enjoy doing together and see if you can combine an image linked with the activity to make a heart. If you both love gardening, then why not pick your favorite flower and form a heart out of it for your father-daughter tattoo. Maybe you two love going fishing—well, what do you know, facing fishhooks can make a cute little heart! 

6. Infinity Sign

This is a very sentimental father-daughter tattoo idea. It shows that your bond is unbreakable and will stay strong until the end of time. You can put your father’s name or just the word ‘dad’ in one of the loops to personalize it. He can do the same on his side if you two decide to get matching tattoos. 

Final Thoughts 

Some bonds are so strong, you want to celebrate it any way you can. If you love decorating your body with ink, then getting a father-daughter tattoo is an excellent way to capture how important this relationship is to you. 

There are various designs to choose from, but it is always recommended that you personalize it in some way. It just gives it even more meaning if it is something both father and daughter have in common.

Luckily, it won’t take a professional tattoo artist long to come up with a plan to make your father-daughter tattoo unique to the two of you. Tattoos are a life-long commitment—much like the relationship between father and daughter—so make sure you’re 100% happy with the design you decide on. You want to be as proud of your tattoo as you are of having such an awesome father or daughter. 

Also, if you or your dad happen to be new to tattoos, check out this article on the best numbing creams on the market to make the experience a little less painful. 

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