Falcon Tattoo – Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

It is well known that many tribesmen, such as the Azteca and the Maori, would color themselves in earth colors when they went to the hunt. They then began to paint the skin with various motifs that represented belonging to a particular tribe or marked the hierarchical position within the tribe.

In addition to members of the tribe, the ancient Greeks and Romans decorated their bodies with tattoos.

However, these tattoos can be called ‘primitive tattoos‘ because they differ greatly from today’s ‘modern tattoos‘.

Until fifteen years ago, tattoos were characteristic only of people who have problems with the law, such as prisoners, criminals, mafia members, etc.

Today, luckily many, tattoos are available to anyone who wants to decorate their body with this type of art. Along with conventional ways of expressing personality like hairstyle, clothing, shoes, jewelry and makeup, more and more people opt for a more durable method like tattooing.

The tattooing process involves the introduction of pigment into the skin through small pores on the surface. For small tattoos it takes about 45 minutes, and for several hours, sometimes and on several occasions. Tattoos can be of different sizes, from a small flower or butterfly, to big snakes and dragons that cover the entire body. According to a survey conducted in 2002 at 454 students in the United States, a quarter of them had a tattoo, which shows how much this body decoration technique is popular in the world.

If you are thinking of your first tattoo, and you are not familiar with the process, you can react differently. Fear from an unknown one can sometimes move away from what we want to do. They could be worried they would hurt too much. And you can also be scared that an artist who tattooed you has done something wrong. This is why it is important to get to know the work of an artist and its background. Once you decide to get a tattoo, everything will seem much easier and you will be able to relax and enjoy the process.

Once you have decided on a tattoo, for design and for an artist, you will be asked for personal documentation to prove your age. If you are not old enough and would like to have a tattoo, there is a possibility that you will come with your parents who will sign the consent with the accompanying documents to approve your tattoo. There are also artists who do not agree to cooperate with minors, regardless of parents’ permission. Then you will get a contract that you fill before the tattoo begins. In most studies the tattoo is paid in advance. But it also depends on the study when it will charge the picture (before or after tattooing).

Once you have signed the contract, you will be placed on a chair or tattoo bed. Sometimes it is in an open space, and sometimes in a separate and protected area.

Meaning and Symbolism

Falcon is a beautiful and powerful bird with perfect eyesight. This incredible being has been considered as a powerful symbol in many ancient cultures, but even today people see it as an important symbol of everything strong and resilient. This is a predatory bird that uses its perfect eyesight to spot its prey from long distance and captured it before anyone else can even notice it. Falcon was considered to be a symbol of royalty, especially in ancient Egypt. The word falcon was used together with words like God, pharaoh and even prayer. They were closely related to the God of the sky and king of the Sun. his name was Horus and it was always portrayed as a falcon or human with falcon head. God of the Sun, Ra, was also represented with the falcon head and in many ancient scribed he is portrayed as a half bird half human.

In Europe, falcon had an equally important position in symbolism and mythology. He was the symbol of war because of the amazing ability to fly and capture its prey without the prey ever noticing it. They were seen as exceptional hunters and fear for all small animals on the ground. In German mythology, falcons were seen as representations of the God of the Sky Vodan. In Nordic mythology, falcon was a symbol for the goddess of love, fertility and the guardian of the dead called Freya. She was represented wearing a feathery cape and travelled through different worlds by turning into a falcon.

Falcon Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

In Christianity, falcon was a symbol of materialistic soul and its sinful deeds. Tamed falcon was, however, a symbol of bravery and aspirations directed towards higher goals. Because of their insane ability to see what others can’t, they were seen as symbols of the oracles and were considered able to predict the future. Many shamans prayed to this bird to send them their eyes and eyesight, so they can predict the future that is coming to them.

Falcons were also seen as divine because of their ability to fly high up in the sky and almost reach heaven. People saw them as godly creatures that can send those messages from divine beings and bring them closer to the divine beings they prayed to.

Design and Ideas

Falcon tattoos can come in various designs and you can come up with the craziest ideas yourself. Falcon is by itself a strong animal with a history of symbolical importance behind it. You can use this symbolical meaning and incorporate it in our tattoo to make it more interesting and relatable to your own life. Falcon tattoos can vary, from basic tattoos of falcon to something more modern and unusual. You can add various objects next to it or tattoo it inflight with its wings wide open.

If you choose to tattoo the falcon with its wings wide open, this can symbolize your ability to always keep an eye on your enemies and make them regret their every move towards you. Falcon in flight can also symbolize a desire to be free and reach that ultimate feeling of being alone in the world and not being afraid. Like we mentioned earlier, falcons were seen as symbols of divine energy and being close to divine creatures. In ancient Egypt this bird was seen as a representation of gods because of its ability to rise high up in the sky.

Falcon’s flight is majestic and almost divine like by itself, so there is nothing more you can add to this. Falcon on the ground or on the branch can still be a strong interpretation of this bird. It can symbolize the strength that is patient and calm, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Falcon can also be a symbol of overcoming difficult periods in your life and a spiritual journey you went through in life. You were able to overcome all of the negativity and rise high above all the bad luck and negative feelings. Falcon can be a guardian angel on your body, protecting you from everything that is bad and negative in your life.

Falcon tattoo is going to be a symbol of seeing clearly, aspiring high and reaching to the incredible heights. Falcon’s head on your body can also be a beautiful tattoo design, especially if you choose the perfect spot to place it on. This tattoo is going to exude confidence and strength by only looking at it, so choose the perfect spot on your body where you can proudly show others this piece of art.

Small falcon tattoos can be done in geometrical shapes, especially if you plan to place them somewhere where they are not going to be easily seen. But, larger pieces and designs are definitely going to be more prominent and beautiful looking on your body. Falcon is a gorgeous creature and it definitely deserves to be shown in all of its glory and strength.

When choosing the perfect design, make sure you discuss the idea with your tattoo artist and find someone who is going to perfectly show the beauty of a falcon on your body. You can also tattoo falcon in flight with prey in its claws if you want to show a more sinister image of this gorgeous bird. This tattoo can also be a representation of enemies or bad things you managed to overcome in your life.

Another great idea for a tattoo is representing a falcon as an Egyptian god Ra or Horus, because both of them were represented as half human half falcons. This is going to combine the power element of the falcon and strength and spiritual significance of these mythological and divine creatures from the past. Gods of the Sun and Sky are going to be a strong statement on your body, so choose the right place to show them in their full glory. Totem designs of falcons are also a great idea, if you want to double the symbolical meaning of this bird on your body. As totems, falcons symbolized power, clairvoyance, hunting abilities, agility and divine characteristics. With all this symbolical meaning behind it, there is no way your tattoo won’t leave a strong impact on the viewers.


In conclusion, falcon tattoo is a symbol of power, agility, strength, perseverance and divine characteristics.

Like we mentioned, many cultures saw falcons as symbols of divine energy, because of their ability to fly high into the sky, almost touching the heaven.

People were mesmerized by their flying abilities, especially because they could never reach such great heights and come closer to the gods. In ancient cultures like Egyptian and Native American, this bird was considered to be sacred and a guardian of all humans. Gods were represented as falcons and even painted like them in ancient scribes or on the walls of temples. Falcon is still a very popular tattoo today, and for some cultures it is still an important cultural and symbolical heritage from ancient times. Doing such a tattoo on your body should be symbolical for you as well and not just because it is a popular tattoo.

Choose a perfect place to tattoo this design and choose additional symbols next to it if you want to accentuate the symbolism of your falcon tattoo. Your tattoo artist should give you great design ideas and help you make the tattoo fit your desirers and goals.

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