6 Fake Tattoo Sleeves That Are Actually Worth Buying

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If you have a tattoo or two or twenty of your own, you may find yourself asking, “But why?” when confronted with fake tattoo sleeves. Well, not everyone can sport a real tattoo sleeve and have to settle for a fake tattoo sleeve.

Although society, in general, is more accepting of getting tattoos as body art, some employers are still too traditional in their thinking and link tattoos with misfits. Covering up tattoos with makeup can take too long to make that a viable option.

We also need to consider that some people don’t want to go through the pain of getting a real tattoo making a fake tattoo sleeve the next best option. Whatever the reason behind it, fake tattoo sleeves are an easy and versatile way to decorate your body without having to commit to only one design for the rest of your life. 

In this article, we’re going to look at fake tattoo sleeves that are worth your money, but before we do that, let’s discuss what makes a fake tattoo sleeve a good fake tattoo sleeve. 

6 Fake Tattoo Sleeves That Are Actually Worth Buying:

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To start, there are two types of fake tattoo sleeves.

The first is a sheet tattoo that you stick onto your skin. It typically lasts from 3 to 10 days depending on the quality of this type of fake tattoo. Then you get a fake tattoo sleeve that you wear like a piece of clothing. These usually last longer than sheet tattoos but cheaper options wash out after the first wash. 

In general, the fake tattoo sleeves are more popular options as the stickers can cause a host of issues including peeling and worse, causing allergies.

Before choosing your fake tattoo sleeve, you have to consider the following:

The Length

When shopping for fake tattoo sleeves, you need to consider the length of your arms or you’ll sit with a tattoo that is either too short or long. That will look awkward and not as impressive as it would if the fit were better.

The best length, in general, is about 16-inches long but some fake tattoo sleeves can be 18-inches long. Then there are also shorter sleeves, which aren’t meant to be used as a sleeve. You can see why it is important to check the length to make sure you get the look you’re going for. 


Next to length, the stretch of the fabric is super important since all arms aren’t the same. When choosing a fake tattoo sleeve, make sure that it is stretchable. Unstretched, the fake tattoo sleeve should be between 4 and 5 inches.

If you’re buying online the best way to check if the sleeve will stretch is to look and see if it contains polyester and elastin. Also, if you’re buff, consider that the sleeve can only stretch so far before the design gets distorted and the sleeve looks less real.


Fake tattoo sleeves usually come in bundles of 5 or 6 designs but will usually contain a general theme. For example, animal, print, tribal, etc. It is up to you to check the different patterns and designs and figure out if they’re too manly/girly for you.

Nothing is stopping a man from wearing a floral, more girly design and vice versa, but best you check before you buy tattoo designs that you don’t want to wear. 


Always read the instructions or you may end up destroying your fake tattoo sleeve. Not all fake tattoo sleeves are machine washable. Some of these fake tattoo sleeves are very sensitive to temperature changes and if you use water that is too warm or cold, you may end up with shrinkage.

Worse yet is if the pattern washes away or the sleeve rips due to the friction caused by the washing machine. Overall, your safest bet is to spot clean but checking the instructions may show that you have a machine-washable fake tattoo sleeve. That would be super convenient! 

Okay, now that we’ve got that covered, it’s time to list the best fake tattoo sleeves that are actually worth buying.

1.  Sport Arm Sleeves: Biggest Selection

Don’t let the word “sport” confuse you—these sleeves aren’t sport-themed but instead are popular among athletes. In this kit, you get 12 fake tattoo sleeves you can easily slip on under a t-shirt. What’s great is that you can use the designs interchangeably as they all go together in some way. 

The reason why these fake tattoo sleeves are used by athletes is that it offers sun protection for when you’re cycling or working out in the sun. Add to that the fact that they’re comfortable to wear, are made of stretchy material and are machine-washable and you’re ready to look stylish while protecting your skin—whether you’re into sport or not. Made from spandex and nylon, the stretch is especially impressive as these fake tattoo sleeves will easily slip onto a thicker arm and wear comfortably.

What makes Sport Arm Sleeves the best fake tattoo sleeves worth your money?

  • You get 12 cool designs that go together. 
  • It offers protection against harmful UV rays. 
  • It’s super stretchy and machine washable. 

2. Benbilry 6pcs Fake Arm Tattoo: Best Abstract Selection

In this pack, you only get 6 fake tattoo sleeves but if you love abstract designs, then you won’t be disappointed. The six designs include tribal and abstract drawings of dragons, among other awesome designs. 

What makes Benbilry’s fake tattoo sleeves stand out is the fact that it is waterproof—it will absorb sweat while you’re outside. Made from 92% Nylon and 8% spandex, the material has a lot to give and will stretch perfectly to blend with your skin tone. The material is high-quality which makes it durable, but they do get hot in the summer sun. 

We do have to mention that the length of the sleeves, although unisex, may be more suitable for women due to being only 15-inches long. So, if you’re a man with long arms, you may end up with a shorter fake tattoo sleeve. 

Why pick Benbilry fake tattoo sleeves?

  • Material is high-quality.
  • It is reasonably priced. 
  • It is machine washable. 
  • It contains cool tribal and abstract designs.

3. Pinkiou Temporary Tattoo Fake Arm Sleeve: Goth and Dark Option

This is for those of you who like the darker side of tattoos. The six designs included will make your Gothic little heart skip a beat. This set is also affordably priced for fake tattoo sleeves, so that’s another point in its favor. 

Considering the protective nature of these fake tattoo sleeves, they’re often worn by people who spend a lot of time outdoors or even those who are recovering from deep scars. When it comes to the material, it is stretchable since it’s also made with spandex and nylon. In fact, it is so stretchy that you can get away with wearing it on your legs, although you won’t have a full leg piece.

You can wash these fake tattoo sleeves in the washing machine after flaunting them for the day and as a bonus, you don’t have to separate these sleeves from the rest of the washing as no color will rinse out and shrinkage is almost a non-issue. 

Why choose Pinkiou temporary tattoo sleeves?

  • Designs are perfect if you like Gothic and dark tattoos. 
  • Sleeves offer protection against the sun. 
  • It can double as a leg tattoo since it is so stretchy. 
  • It is color-fast and machine washable.

4. COKTAK 11 Sheets Cool Full Arm Temporary Tattoos: For Men

In this article, we do include sets specifically for men and women but that should definitely not stop anyone from wearing it if they want to. The 11-sheet fake tattoo sleeves in this set are extremely vibrant and full of details. They truly look like real tattoos and what’s best is that it takes only 15 seconds to apply and it can last up to 5 days if applied correctly. When you’re ready to remove it, use an oil-based soap and it will easily wipe away. 

What better way to make a statement at a one-time event, birthday party, or Halloween get-together? 

These fake tattoo sleeve sheets are approved by the FDA which means it doesn’t contain any toxic compounds in the glue which may cause a rash or other skin issue. But what’s probably the coolest thing about these fake tattoo sleeve sheets is that you can look like a real badass without experiencing any of the pain associated with tattoos! 

Why choose these fake tattoo sleeve sheets?

  • They’re easy to apply and remove. 
  • It takes only 15 seconds to go from bare skin to tattooed skin.
  • They don’t contain any toxic compounds. 
  • The designs are vibrant and full of detail. 

5. Aresvns Beautiful Spring Temporary Tattoo: For Women


If you’re one for floral designs, then this set is your perfect match. Tattoo designs are highly personal and while some may consider these as girly, they by no means are limited to just women—you get a total of 7 sheets, and they look equally good on any gender. 

The designs are FDA-approved and don’t contain any toxic ingredients that may compromise your health or cause contact dermatitis or similar. 

To apply, you only need 20 to 30 seconds and some water. Removal is easy—a little too easy. This is a downside of these fake tattoo sleeve sheets; if you’re wearing a long sleeve, or place it in an area where there is a lot of movement, it will rub off. This makes these sheets a better option for one-time occasions that aren’t expected to go on for too long. 

Why choose these temporary tattoo sleeve sheets?

  • They have beautiful floral designs. 
  • They’re easy to apply. 
  • They’re FDA-approved and free from harmful toxins. 

6. Extra Temporary Tattoo Black Tattoo Full Arm Sleeve: Best Animal Designs

Who doesn’t like a good animal tattoo? If you don’t have the time, money, or will to get your spirit animal tattooed on you, then these fake tattoo sleeves are your answer. In this set, you get 6 black and grey tattoos of various animals ranging from snakes to lions and tigers.

These are the stick-on kind of fake tattoo sleeves, so you will need 20 seconds and water to transform your skin into a piece of art. The designs are made in such a way that they are fully adjustable for use on men and women—all that is required is a love for animals. 

It’s true that fake tattoo sleeve sheets don’t last as long, but when applied correctly, they can last for up to 2 days. You just have to make sure to avoid any friction in the area. If that’s not possible, we suggest you opt for the longer-wear fake tattoo sleeves that are made from the material. 

Why choose these stick-on fake tattoo sleeves?

  • They’re perfect for animal lovers. 
  • They are done in black and grey. 
  • It’s quick to apply.
  • Can last for up to 2 days.

Final Thoughts

Tattoos have grown in popularity but it’s not a lifestyle that everyone wants to commit to. Thankfully, some innovative minds came up with fake tattoo art and it has become quite trendy.

Whether it is the pain of getting a tattoo or the permanence of the design, you don’t have to commit anymore but can still flaunt artworks on your body that you find beautiful or inspiring. 

Fake tattoo sleeves are the perfect solution and there are many kinds for you to choose from. You can go with the option that you wear like a piece of clothing, which is great if you plan on wearing it a lot; or you can choose the stick-on sheets to turn heads on special occasions. Each option comes with its own pros and cons as you discovered in this article. 

Whatever the case may be, wear your fake tattoo sleeve proudly. Many people may not understand your choice, but hey, that’s the thing about tattoos (even fake tattoo sleeves), no one has to understand you! 

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