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Deciding on the right tattoo ink is vitally important if you want happy customers with tattoos that will stay vibrant and bright for a lifetime. High-quality tattoo ink leads to high-quality tattoos. One brand that is widely seen when shopping for ink online is Eternal tattoo ink. But is this brand any good? 

In this article, we give you an in-depth review of Eternal tattoo ink to help you decide if this is the tattoo ink for you. 

The History of Eternal Tattoo Ink 

Tattooing has grown in popularity over the years and with it, the process of making tattoo ink has been fine-tuned to produce ink that lasts. Eternal Ink is one of the leading experts in the tattoo industry, having been around since 1980. It is one of the oldest brands in the tattoo ink business and also one of the first to produce socially acceptable, skin-friendly inks. Their inks are glycerol free, organic, non-toxic, and vegan. 

Terry “Tramp” Welker is the brains behind this brand, and his focus has always been on finding ways to produce ink that will do the tattoo artists’ talent justice. No wonder their motto is “made for artists, by artists.” 

The brand has grown to include Welker Brand tattoo machines, tattoo supplies such as needles, grips, tubes, stencil and art supplies, tattoo training material and books, and other tools of the trade.

Hypoallergenic Tattoo Ink

Why Choose Eternal Tattoo Ink?

This brand aims to offer a variety of top-quality tattoo supplies that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The fact that it’s been around for so long and yet stays on top of recent trends, while all the time looking for ways to innovate not only their brand but the industry is a big selling point for this brand. 

Let’s look at some other reasons why Eternal Tattoo Ink is one of the best tattoo inks on the market.


Terry started by mixing his own colors back in the 80s. As a tattoo artist himself, he experienced the frustration that goes with a limiting color palette. In 1998, he created his own palette of ink and since then, his original color range has expanded to well over 200 colors. 

The variety of this brand is hard to match and as soon as other tattoo ink manufacturers play catchup, then Eternal Ink introduces new colors to the market. They are especially well-known for their dark colors that stay vivid and are fade-proof


With so many years in the industry, Eternal Ink has had time to fine-tune its formula and production process to create only the highest quality ink. The fact that they know exactly what professional tattoo artists need thanks to their founder being an artist himself, means the consistency, vibrancy, and durability are top-notch. 

What’s more, this brand controls every step of the process—from sourcing the ingredients right through to bottling and sealing. This means the bottle you open today will perform just as well as the one you just finished. 

As a professional tattoo artist, you expect consistency—your returning customers expect consistency—and that is something Eternal tattoo ink offers. 

vegan tattoo ink


The Eternal Ink brand is one of the loudest voices against counterfeiting. They are aware that this phenomenon has increased drastically worldwide and they warn potential customers to only buy from authorized distributors

The fact of the matter is that counterfeit tattoo ink isn’t produced to required health and safety standards and this can cause a variety of issues, such as infection, scarring, blisters, and chemical burns to name only a few. 

To help ensure that customers know they’re buying the real deal, Eternal tattoo ink has its company name embossed on the bottle. They also never seal their inks in polyethylene, so when you get it packaged that way, you’re holding a fake. 

Some other note-worthy reasons why Eternal tattoo ink is great, include:

  • It’s water-based, non-toxic, vegan, and doesn’t contain glycerol. 
  • It’s not tested on animals. 
  • It has a smooth consistency. 
  • It’s pre-dispersed and ready to use right out of the bottle. 

Just a note on using pre-dispersed tattoo inks: shake it regularly! Most new-gen tattoo artists have only worked with pre-dispersed tattoo ink as it is the most widely available kind of tattoo ink on the market. However, if you’re new to this kind of ink, you have to remember to shake the ink thoroughly before filling your ink cups. 

Tighten the cap and give it a shake for a minute or two until you can hear the mixing ball moving around freely. When it comes to stored bottles of Eternal tattoo ink, set an alarm to shake it every three months to ensure that the color stays consistent.

Now, what would a review be without mentioning Eternal Ink’s most popular product?

Eternal Tattoo Ink Sets 

Eternal Tattoo Ink

When it comes to tattoo ink sets, Eternal Ink is one of the leaders in the industry. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to broaden your color horizons, there’s an Eternal tattoo ink set out there for you. They have sets that include twelve inks right up to a whopping 103. 

These sets include a vast range of colors to help bring your creation to life on your customer’s skin. What’s more, these ink sets won’t break the bank—you’ll actually save some money if you buy a set instead of separate bottles. 

Something else that we consider super cool is the fact that they offer interesting tattoo ink sets like a Zombie color set or one specifically for doing portraits. They even have a tattoo ink travel set for tattoo artists on the move that includes 25 colors and a bottle of Stencil Stuff.

You can find other Eternal tattoo products here. 

Final Verdict

Eternal tattoo ink is highly recommended. The huge variety in colors they have on offer is unmatched and the quality of their ink stays consistent time after time. 

If you’re looking to put up shop, investing in one of the Eternal tattoo ink sets will set you up with all the colors you’ll ever dream of using. 

The quality of the ink is above average and you can expect your customers to offer up their entire bodies for your art after they see your tattoos come alive thanks to Eternal tattoo ink. 

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