Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Review: Is It Worth It?

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Tattooing has really taken off in the last couple of years. It’s no longer seen as a career for only a select few. More and more people are interested in trying their hand at putting needle to skin and manufacturers in the tattoo industry have noticed this. Their response to the influx of beginner tattoo artists was to create tattoo kits that contain everything anyone can ever need to start doing tattoos. 

Dragonhawk is a brand known for quality yet affordable tattoo kits that work for beginner and professional tattoo artists. The tattoo company opened its doors in 2001 with a singular aim: create outstanding quality products that are affordable and accessible to anyone. 

From there the company’s name grew in popularity not only among beginners but also veterans of the tattoo industry. Dragonhawk quickly made a name as an innovative brand with enough experience to create quality tattoo equipment and accessories. 

Let’s have a more in-depth look at Dragonhawk tattoo kit setups.

3 Best Dragonhawk Tattoo Kits Reviewed

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3 Best Dragonhawk Tattoo Kits Reviewed

1. Dragonhawk Beginner Complete Tattoo Kit: Most Comprehensive Kit

This is by far the most popular and comprehensive Dragonhawk tattoo kit they have on offer. It contains six coil tattoo machines; three liners, and three shaders. Considering this, you’d expect the kit to be on the expensive side. Surprisingly enough, it is still highly affordable. 

You may be wondering if you even need six Dragonhawk tattoo guns. You can only use one at a time, right? And you’ll only ever swap between one liner and shader. You may even think including so many tattoo machines shows that Dragonhawk is compensating for bad quality machines. That’s definitely not the case. Many tattoo artists actually set up more than two machines while they’re creating intricate artworks that require a lot of colors. Similarly, coil tattoo machines do tend to overheat after prolonged use and having another one (or two) on hand can save a lot of time. 

Whatever the case may be, the machines included in this Dragonhawk tattoo kit are made from cast iron, which speaks to their durability and quality. They also offer great magnetic and electrical conductivity. 

It really feels as if this kit should be one of the most expensive ones on the market, yet it isn’t.

The power supply in the kit isn’t the best, but it does its job. You can always level up and buy a better one when the money starts coming in from your tattooing. 

We do have to mention that the ink included in the kit leaves much to be desired. Yes, it’s vegan friendly, but that’s about the only good thing about it. However, it can be a perfect ink for practicing and the kit even comes with practice skin to use for your tattooing training.

The quality of the ink shouldn’t be a dealbreaker when you’re considering buying this Dragonhawk tattoo kit. To keep the price low, sacrifices need to be made somewhere and we’re glad the brand didn’t cut corners on the tattoo machines. 

What exactly do you get in this beginner Dragonhawk tattoo kit?

Tattoo Machines

The six Dragonhawk coil tattoo machines won’t rust or stain since they’re made from sturdy cast iron. When it comes to weight, they’re just heavy enough to help keep your hand steady but won’t tire it out too soon. Stability is a must when you’re doing tattoos and these weighted guns will minimize any shaking. 

Needles & Tips 

The Dragonhawk tattoo kit comes with 3RL, 5RL, 5MS, and 7MS sterilized needles and corresponding plastic tips. These needle sizes are the most popular and will help beginners learn how and when to use them. 


Don’t expect a large selection of colors, but that doesn’t matter since the ink included in the tattoo kit is mixable. The hues tend to be on the darker side to make it easier to see while practicing on fake skins. Once you feel confident enough to start tattooing actual human skin, we highly recommend you buy a different ink. 

Foot Pedal

The pedal isn’t the best quality out there but it is perfect to teach beginner tattoo artists how to use a foot pedal. It can be hard to multi-task and use your feet and hands at the same time. With this foot pedal and all the other goodies in this kit, you can train your brain to do both without having to give it much thought. 

The voltage level is set with newbies in mind—no one wants to blow up a pedal and get hurt! 


Gloves, O-rings, rubber bands, and grip handles are some other accessories you won’t be able to do without. The grip handles are especially crucial to help keep your hand comfortable while inking. These grips also keep your tattoo gun from spinning out while you’re tattooing. 

Carrying Case 

The Dragonhawk tattoo kit comes with a durable and rugged carrier. It’s made from metal and plastic and will keep all your tattoo equipment and accessories safe and sound without weighing a ton. The ease of having all your essentials in one place makes tattooing on the go a breeze. 

Why invest in the Dragonhawk Beginner Complete Tattoo Kit?

  • Great value for money.
  • Perfect if you’re a beginner. 
  • Contains everything you need to get started. 
  • Six machines will save you time. 

2. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4: Best All-Round 

This brand knows a lot about manufacturing tattoo guns, and in this kit, you’ll get this expertise x 4. Included are a normal liner, a power liner, a shader, and a color packer. 

Each machine goes through a thorough testing process before reaching you where it is tweaked until perfection. So, you can expect to receive four Dragonhawk coil tattoo machines that are plug and play. Beginner tattoo artists will appreciate this as setting up a coil tattoo machine can be somewhat intimidating. 

The copper coils are held in place by steel frames, which makes these machines sturdy and durable. But we don’t expect anything less from Dragonhawk tattoo machines.

You can expect to find the following accessories in this Dragonhawk tattoo kit:

  • Digital Dragonhawk tattoo power supply that will feed your machines with precise power. The fact that it has jacks to accommodate both a liner and shader at once means your tattooing can continue uninterrupted as you switch between machines. 
  • Fifty sterilized and individually packed tattoo needles made from 304L stainless steel. 
  • Ten bottles of vegan-friendly tattoo ink. 
  • Other miscellaneous goodies you’ll need to get started include practice skin, machine grips, a set of adust tools, and other attachments.
  • A carry case to house all the high-quality equipment and accessories you’ll get when you buy this Dragonhawk tattoo kit. 

Why choose this kit?

It contains four dedicated tattoo machines made from steel that are super durable. Apart from that, it’s a good choice because it is manufactured by one of the best tattoo brands in the industry. 

3. Dragonhawk Mast Pen Machine: Beginner and Professional Use 

If you prefer rotary tattoo machines, don’t worry; Dragonhawk didn’t forget about you. Out of all the rotary-type machines they have to offer, we think the Mast Pen is in a class of its own. 

One of the reasons why it is one of our favorites is the fact that it feels like a pen in your hand. It’s super lightweight as far as tattoo machines go; weighing only 120 grams. 

The motor runs at a powerful output while keeping noise and vibration levels to a minimum. 

The fact that this machine is available in a tattoo kit makes it all the more worth your while. With the Dragonhawk Mast Pen you will get:

  • Fifty needle cartridges in the sizes 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 3RS, and 5 RS. The cartridges have a membrane mechanism that prevents ink sputter. 
  • Dragonhawk tattoo power supply and foot pedal. 
  • Ten 5ml tattoo ink.

Although this Dragonhawk tattoo kit doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles as the other kits they have, it contains all the essentials to start tattooing. 

Why choose the Mast Pen tattoo kit?

  • It contains a powerful rotary tattoo machine. 
  • The machine is lightweight and feels like a pen in your hand. 
  • The membrane mechanism on the cartridges will stop ink spitback. 

Final Thoughts

One thing is sure about Dragonhawk tattoo kits, they offer a level of convenience that is highly appreciated, especially when you’re starting out. They do all the work for you. They choose the machine, ink, needles, and all the other accessories you need to get inking. 

If you’re struggling to decide between the tattoo kits they have to offer, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the machine (or machines) in the kit meet your quality standards? 
  • How many tattoo machines do you need?
  • What type of tattoo machine do you need?
  • Do you need fake skin to practice on?
  • Are you a beginner without any equipment or accessories?

You will now have a better idea of what Dragonhawk tattoo kit suits your needs. You deserve only the best and we are confident that you’ll be happy no matter the tattoo kit you choose. If you’re not, remember that Dragonhawk offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied! 

Happy inking. 

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