Crane Tattoo – Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

Tattoos of animals are very popular and their symbolism may be very strong. There is no doubt that bird tattoos have a special place in tattoo world. Birds have always been fascinating for people, so they may have many symbolic meanings. In this article you will have the opportunity to find out something more about the crane tattoo and its symbolism.

We will tell you something about this bird first and then you will see what the tattoo of this bird can mean. After that you will have the opportunity to read about popular tattoo designs and ideas related to this amazing bird.

First of all we have to say that a crane is a type of a tall bird with long legs and long neck. This bird has usually gray or white plumage and red skin on its head. You may have heard of this bird because it is known for its romantic dances. Also, a crane is famous for its beautiful appearance and mating rituals that may be too complicated.

A crane was a common motive in different legends and mythologies all over the world. This bird has always intrigated people’s attention. A crane was considered to symbolize success, prosperity and hope. It is interesting that in ancient Greece this bird was a symbol of the God of the Sun called Apollo. This bird was representing the light and the coming of a new day.

Also, in ancient Greece a crane was a symbol of growth and new opportunities. On the other side, it is known that in Japan this bird was regarded as the national treasure. When it comes to Japan, it is also important to mention the so called art of origami that depicted cranes as the basic creation. In the Chinese tradition a crane was considered to be a symbol of eternal life and immortality. In most traditions this bird has a positive symbolism, but there are also traditions in which a crane is represented negatively. For example, in the Indian tradition this bird is a symbol of a traitor and it has always a negative symbolism.

Another important characteristic of these birds is their monogamy. That’s why the images of these birds are usually used in wedding ceremonies. In ancient times a crane was used as a symbol of longevity, health and fortune.

Of course, we will mention the Christian tradition and its vision of cranes. In this tradition the cranes have a very important place in religion. Actually, cranes are regarded as religious icons and they have always been the symbols of something good and pure. They are graceful creatures and it was believed that cranes represented the God.

Actually, this bird is known for hunting snakes and defeating them, so it was believed that this bird is fighting against the evil.

Now when you know what crane is and what it may symbolize, we will tell you something about the tattoo of a crane and its meanings.

Meanings and Symbolism

In many different countries a crane has different symbolism, but in the world of tattoos there are a couple of meanings that are typical for this bird. Before you decide to decorate your body with a tattoo of a crane, you have to know its meaning and symbolism.

First of all we have to say that a crane is a symbol of beauty and grace. As we have already said, a crane is usually considered as a symbol of perfection, purity and fortune as well.

Also, these birds can symbolize peace, fidelity and faithfullness in a relationship or a marriage. There is no doubt that a crane can also be a symbol of forgiveness and Christ itself. We have already said that this bird has always been regarded as a very important religious symbol and it was considered to be a messenger of the gods.

Also, a crane is a symbol of longevity and health, but sometimes it may symbolize eternal youth as well. If you think that you possess any of these traits and if you would like to have a tattoo that will be meaningfull and attractive, then you should think about this type of a tattoo.

Now you know what a crane tattoo can mean and we will present you some of the most common crane tattoo designs. We hope that you will like our ideas and that you will find something that suits your personality.

Designs and Ideas

If you decide to decorate your body with a crane tattoo, you have to choose a design that will symbolize something important for you. First of all, you have to find a good tattoo artist who will help you decide which design may be the best for you.

Also, a tattoo artist must be able to make the perfect outline of this bird and the amazing lines of its body.

You may decide to have this tattoo in black color only and without details, but your crane tattoo may also be very colorful. It depends on the imagination of your tattoo artist but also on your own ideas. You have to say what you would like to have on your body and how your tattoo should look like.

One of the most common designs for this type of a tattoo is a crane that is flying and there is a peaceful background behind this bird. There is no doubt that a souring crane is one of the most popular crane tattoos. This tattoo will be a symbol of your pure spirit and calm nature.

We have already said that a crane is associated with religion, so there is a great tattoo design of two cranes making a circle with their wings. The cranes are white and you can see only a black outline and a black background.

There is an interesting crane tattoo that begins from the ear all along your neck. It actually represents four cranes that are flying one behind another. This tattoo is usually done in black ink.

According to the Japan tradition and legend, some of the crane tattoos are resembling its origami counterpart. A tattoo of a paper crane-origami will symbolize lightness and weightlessness. One of the favorite tattoos of this type is a heart that is created from origami cranes. This tattoo looks sexy and it will be a symbol of love and creative energy.

We have already said that cranes are a symbol of fidelity, so it is a great idea that you and your partner have the same tattoo of a crane. This tattoo will be a symbol of your loyalty and love. You can have a tattoo of a crane in red color on your left arm and your partner can have a black crane tattoo on his right arm. If you are interested in this tattoo design, you should ask your tattoo artist for more details. It is also important to mention tribal crane tattoos that can look great on your body.

Of course, it is important to decide on which part of your body you want to place your crane tattoo. Remember that most important is to choose details for your tattoo that will make your tattoo even more powerful. Your crane tattoo has to convey a very important message and symbolize your own personality or any important part of your life.

It is believed that people who choose this type of a tattoo are usually well-balanced people who have usually a very active lifestyle. These tattoos are more common among men than among women because they help men express their bravery and fearlessness.

However, there are also women who opt to have this type of a tattoo. If it happens that a young girl has this type of a tattoo, it will be a symbol of her innocence and her lovely nature.

You have seen in this article that the symbolism of a crane is different in different countries, but there are some general meanings that are typical for these birds. A crane tattoo is becoming more and more popular because of the powerful symbolism of this fascinating bird.

We have already said that this bird is usually a symbol of grace, longevity and peace. We have also said that a crane is usually regarded as a messenger of the God.

We hope we helped you understand better what a crane tattoo can mean and why many people choose to have this tattoo on their bodies.

Also, we have told you some of the most common designs that could be interesting for you, so you can choose which one is the best for you.

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