Crab Tattoo – Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

In some earlier times, tattoos were mostly synonymous with suspicious characters, bikers and sailors. Today, without any problems, they are classified into art, and they can represent all the people.

Tattoos for someone represent a lifestyle, some are temporary, some are permanent, to some they are a decoration, and for others a ritual. Although it is constantly being talked about the harmfulness of the ink under the skin, they experienced an incredible expansion.

In addition to serving as a way to decorate the body, tattoos are also a kind of expression and memory preservation. The word “tattoo” comes from the Polynesian word “ta” – draw, cross and Tachyan words “dad” – mark something.

They are formed by using paint under the skin. It is believed that the first tattoo was created by chance – the person was rubbing the wound with the dirty hand from the ashes, and when the wound healed under the skin there was a permanent trace, or a tattoo.

Samuel O’Reilly, a tattoo artist from New York, used Edison’s tattoo pen. He adjusted the pen to his needs and patented it in 1891. In this way, the first tattoo machine was created that used a similar principle as today’s machines.

Meaning and Symbolism

The Crab is another in a series of Chinese symbols that are directly related to a happy and harmonious life. Namely, the male part of the population in China, considers Crab as an extremely powerful talisman that not only has the ability to attract and send good vibrations, but by constantly wearing (usually around the neck) strengthens the potency and masculinity.

Such symbolism should not surprise us, given the fact that crabs have always been used as fruitful creatures. Consequently, they are closely related to the human tendency for large and healthy offspring, that is, family expansion.

Interestingly, the word “crab” and the word “harmony” in Chinese sound the same – they are pronounced xie. And really, this little animal is known for its somewhat strange walk that never involves sudden movements in advance, but rather seems to prefer tapping in place.

In fact, we can call the Crab Walk a mild stuttering, as if it harmonically shifts left-right and does not care much about the events around it as long as it is in complete harmony with nature. It is in this kind of behavior that we get a clear message that reads: not all paths are embedded, nor are all roads always marked and clearly visible, some of them must be found by ourselves. The Chinese seem to be well acquainted with this system of functioning, and the crab symbol only helps them to remember how peace and good concentration are important on the road to success.

And success is, believe it or not, in the Chinese tradition also closely related to the crab symbol! This was particularly true of the success of the so-called “Tsar’s exam” where the best personnel in the state administration were chosen. The Chinese word for the crab shield can also be translated as “the first”, so here from there is a clear symbolism of the greatest possible estimate that someone could get on the exam. Of course, if he had the crab support! As you can see, having her protection means always be in the advantage, be it business, money, or social status.

Finally, we add that the crab is one of the strongest lunar symbols, and therefore belongs to good Jin energy emitters. There is no offensive here, but all possible senses are used to survive. Emphasis is therefore on emotions, trust, protection and regeneration. Because of their armor (which are able to change more than ten times in the first year of life!) Crabs are also considered a sign of transformation and great protection.

Crab Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

Design and Ideas

Crabs have great ability to connect and understand things so they are able to participate in the joys and sufferings of others, and in all things they are interested in an intimate, personal side. Their hypersensitive and melancholy nature often influences to exaggerate, both in good and evil.

Born in the mark of cancer are distinguished by the cautiousness, vagueness, the pride of thinking and drifting in oneself, the calmness and the coldness in the most difficult situations. Their weaknesses are compensated by enviable memory, intuition, persistence, rare attentiveness, and deep religious feeling.

On births in this sign have a great influence on moonshine changes, which affect both character and physical condition. Therefore, during a growing or full moon, Cancer feels full of energy and enthusiasm, while in the moon’s moon phase it can change the mood and even sink into the states of melancholy and apathy. Cancer is considered to be one of the hardest Zodiac signs if we take personality into consideration. There are many different variations of Crab tattoos and there is a perfect version for each person out there.

When choosing a crab tattoo many people decide to go for a Cancer tattoo, so a crab as a Zodiac sign. When your Zodiac sign is not Cancer, there is no reason why you would decide to tattoo this kind of symbol, so this is another thing you need to consider. This Zodiac symbol is tattooed as number 69 and it is called glyph.

Crab tattoos are symbols of love and family, and people who tattoo them are usually searching for a way to represent their love to their family members. This is a beautiful tattoo to devote to your loved ones.

Crab tattoo, if it also represents cancer Zodiac sign, can also be painted as a fun character since Cancers are well known for their great sense of humor.

You can also do a more realistic version of tattoo, where you can paint even a maritime theme in the background of your crab. Crabs are sensitive, caring and creative. Their overall beautiful features will probably come out in the design of the tattoo that you choose in the end.


In conclusion, crab tattoo can be done in many different ways. You can do it as a realistic image or you can opt to bring forward one of the symbolic meanings of this interesting animal. You can tattoo it as a glyph symbol (number 69), especially if your Zodiac sign is Cancer. Crabs are symbols of deep emotions, love and care for someone and being closely tied to your family and friends.

This tattoo is going to be a great dedication to the people you love and care about in your life, so choose the right design to bring forward these features. Discuss the ideas with your tattoo artists and find the perfect design just for you.

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