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If you want the tattoos you do to look as good on the skin as it does on paper, then the type of ink you use is very important. The quality of the ink will also determine how long the tattoo stays looking as fresh as the day you did it. Ultimately, great tattoo ink is the difference between being just a tattoo and being a masterpiece. 

Bloodline tattoo ink is one of the inks on the market that will make your tattoos come to life. But before we get to the bloodline tattoo ink review, there are some other matters we need to get out of the way. 

What Makes a Tattoo Ink Superior? 

It’s easy for us to say that Bloodline tattoo ink is one of the best on the market, but how did we come to that conclusion? Well, there are some key criteria that make a high-quality tattoo ink, chiefly where and how it is made, how it performs on the skin, and how long-lasting it is. 


Tattoo ink manufacturers in the European Union and the US have to adhere to strict health and safety regulations.

Interestingly, if you get a tattoo in California, you can be sure only the best of the best ink is being used on you since they’re held to even higher standards. They beat the already ridiculously high standards of Japan, the US, Italy, and other regions in Europe. 


We all love high-quality products. When it comes to tattoos, that’s one area where you shouldn’t drop your standards. Always choose a brand known for using high-quality ingredients. All ingredients used should be thoroughly tested, however, preferably not on animals.

Meticulous testing will eliminate the risk of complications like allergic reactions and skin irritations or burns. A good example of something harmful to look out for is heavy metals. So, know what ingredients are used in the ink and if any of them are harmful or toxic. If the manufacturer uses organic ingredients and the ink is vegan-friendly that’s even better. 

The ingredients should also be sterilized to remove any contamination that may have happened during the manufacturing process. Thankfully, the high standards in the US and EU mean thorough sterilization is a given. 

Performance and Durability 

You will have to read some tattoo ink reviews to get to the bottom of this one. Top tattoo ink brands are more likely to sell ink that won’t fade in a matter of months. You also want to look for ink that promotes healing since the better the tattoos heal, the better they will look. Less scabbing equals less scarring and more vibrant-looking ink. 

Now, we know you’re here to read a Bloodline tattoo ink review, so let’s narrow our focus down to this popular ink. 

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Bloodline Tattoo Ink’s Story

The brand was founded in 1995 in the US. They started by using traditional grade pigments but revamped their whole process in 2010 when they introduced high-performance dispersion inks. This change meant bolder and brighter tattoo ink that was easy to apply. The company also introduced Bloodline UV tattoo ink at one point, which caused a buzz in the industry. 

Bloodline tattoo inks are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. This makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 

The entire manufacturing process—mixing, pouring, bottling, labeling, and packing—happens at their facility in the US. The inks are sealed with heat induction, which eliminates the possibility of outside contamination. To ensure consistency, the company does regular testing on its inks. 

Bloodline creates some of the brightest inks on the market currently. On top of that, their inks promote healing and as you know, that will add to your tattoo’s look after it has healed. 

In the end, Bloodline tattoo ink is a premium tattoo ink that leads to first-class tattoos. 

Professional tattoo artists all over the world believe in Bloodline tattoo ink, which just confirms the quality of this ink. 

The ink is thicker than other inks on the market, which makes it great for color-packing but the thickness also means that color washes will look brighter. That being said, tattoo artists have a love-hate relationship with the consistency of Bloodline tattoo ink. 

There’s also the issue of the price which may be hard for some tattoo artists to swallow. Bloodline tattoo ink is priced at a premium. This closes them off from the beginner market since it may be considered too expensive when they first start.

Professional tattoo artists, many of them see using this ink as an investment in their craft and in their good name. The fact that it is an ink made in the US, it’s vegan, it’s organic, and it has a good reputation is a good enough reason to pay a higher price. 

Now it’s time to look at some of Bloodline’s most popular tattoo inks on the market. 

3 Best Bloodline Tattoo Inks on the Market

1. Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set of 5: Great Tester Kit

This 5-piece color set is great for tattoo artists who just want to dip their toes into the Bloodline waters before they commit to more. Remember, Bloodline tattoo inks are expensive, so there is nothing wrong with testing out a few before buying more. This set contains the primary colors, and white, and black. 

This mini-Bloodline tattoo ink kit gives you the ability to see if they like the consistency of the ink and how it performs during a session. You can also play around by diluting the ink to a consistency you like and see how that goes. 

Bloodline doesn’t use toxic carriers in their ink, they use water. This promotes faster healing and is only one of the reasons why this is such a popular brand. The durability of these inks has solidified Bloodline’s reputation in the industry. 

2. Bloodline All Purpose Black Tattoo Ink: Boldest and Best Black 

Black tattoo ink is a staple in any tattoo artist’s kit. The only problem is that black ink is probably one of the most difficult inks to get right. If an artist uses cheap black tattoo ink from lesser-known brands, we can almost guarantee that the tattoo will look washed out as soon as it heals. 

The skin soaks up the pigment used in this tattoo ink, resulting in immediate color saturation. There’s no need for a second pass to fill in areas where the ink didn’t take. 

Bloodline’s All-Purpose Black has some major brownie points in the industry. This ink is so bold, that many tattoo artists reach for it when they have to tattoo dark skin tones. The ink doesn’t only show up nicely on darker skin but is super durable. 

3. Bloodline 12-Colour Kit: Great Mix of Basic Colours 

If you want to do more color tattoos, this 12-color kit is a great option to get you started. The colors included are considered start-up colors, so you’ll have everything you need to do basic color tattoos and portraits. You will get two blue hues, two green hues, two red hues, two yellow hues, orange, and turquoise colours. Of course, black and white are a given. 

Remember we mentioned that tattoo ink manufacturers in California have to jump through many health and safety loops before their products may be put on the shelves. Well, Bloodline is situated in California so you can expect high-quality ink that’s safe to use on even the most sensitive of skins.

We do have to mention that the industry is flooded with counterfeit products. Bloodline is one of the brands hardest hit, so you have to make sure you’re buying it from a reputable dealer or the company itself. The formula used in these fake products contain harmful substances, isn’t vegan-friendly, and can harm your clients. 

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with Bloodline tattoo ink. The company is well-established and trusted in the industry as one of the best tattoo ink manufacturers. After reading this Bloodline tattoo ink review, it should be clear why this ink is so acclaimed. 

First and foremost, where and how it is made. As a US-based manufacturer, Bloodline has no choice but to meet strict regulations. They also use only the best ingredients; ingredients that have been tested (not on animals) to make sure it is safe for human use. 

Then there’s the durability of these inks. They won’t fade and leave your clients unhappy because they’re walking around with a dull tattoo. Quite the opposite. 

The ink you use should complement your skill and emphasize it. Bloodline tattoo ink will do just that! 

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