Bird of Paradise Flower Tattoo – Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

The history of tattooing dates back to the pre-Christian period. There were already 12,000 BC signs carved in the skin. In deliberately caused wounds, ash was rubbed to create a pattern.

In 1765, British Captain James Cook reported on his first trip to Polynesia, describing people who painted their bodies with paint. The navigator and explorer introduced the word “tattoo” into the English language and made skin art widely known in Europe.

Tattoos always hid an important role in traditions and rituals. In the past, women in Borneo decorated their skin with tattoos. Likewise, they were placed on fingers and wrists to ward off illness and suffering.

Throughout history, tattoos also symbolized belonging to a clan or a group. The oldest tattooed man ever discovered is “Ötzi”, the approximately 5,500-year-old glacier mummy.

The purpose of tattoos differs from culture to culture and from time to time. For a long time, tattoos from Egypt at the time of the pyramids and pharaohs were considered the first tattoos. Although it has been suggested that tattoos exist much earlier, evidence of an older tattoo culture has been found recently. Tattoos finally reached China and then Greece in 2000 BC. Tattoos were used by the Greeks to communicate with spies.

After a while, tattoos finally reached Japan. There they were used for religious and ceremonial rituals. During this era, the women of Borneo were the artists. They created the designs that represented the individual sections of life and the associated tribe. At that time, tattoos were very popular, even though infections often occurred. Tattoos were far from perfect. This was already evident in the way they were made.

Although they were not accepted for the time being, there were also tattoos in the western regions. Former researcher William Dampher was instrumental in reintroducing tattoos in the western areas. In 1961 he brought a prince with many tattoos in our latitudes and showed his tattoos in exhibitions. He made some money with this attraction, and thus achieved that tattoos in London and the surrounding areas were very popular and in demand. However, the first tattoos were already sighted in London 600 years before.

How long have people been tattooing themselves? For what reasons are skin tags applied and what is their meaning? And is this really true for all cultures in the world? PERFECT INK would like to pursue these questions on the following pages.

If there are two things that most people remember about the origin of the tattoo, then it is first of all British explorer James Cook who, in 1769, received the tattoo and even a tattoo from an expedition to the South Pacific brought to Europe. And second, the preference of certain social underclasses, such as criminals, sailors or prostitutes, to decorate the skin with colorful pictures. Both statements are true and yet the truths involved in the general perception are much more complex. The history of tattooing is as old as human culture itself and much more complex than the simple stereotypes mentioned above.

Meaning and Symbolism

Paradise bird is a tropical plant originating from the Canary Islands and Latin America, where it is grown wild in natural habitats as wild flowers.

There are several types of wildlife, but the favorite of Strelitzia reginae is cultivated for breeding, a royal swarm of art known for its flamboyant, orange flowers of unusual and attractive appearance.

Bird of Paradise Flower Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

Strelitzia is one of the best-selling flowers in the world because of the strength, resistance and durability of the flower. The flower in the pouch can remain cool for up to 20 days. This plant grows more and more like a plant. Her leaves are also unusual, similar to banana leafs. The flowers are very durable, beautifully pleasing and open-loop. Grow 1 to 1.5 m high so you need enough space for the plant.

Although it looks very exotic, this plant does not require any excessive and special care. This is another reason for the popularity of this plant. It needs plenty of light but not direct sunlight. An ideal place to hold a strelitzia is a glazed veranda or a small greenhouse. In the absence of the ideal, enough will be the place next to the larger window.

To get into a flower pot, in the buying country for flowers, we can add some clay and mature manure to this purchasing land. In the absence of a stand, the compost will be served. Once a week it is fed with liquid fertilizer for flowering.

Design and Ideas

This unusual but equally gorgeous flower comes from the tropical South Africa. Based on its appearance it almost looks more like a bird than a flower, which is the reason why this flower got such a name. Many people opt to tattoo this flower on their body because of it unusual beauty. Since his is a colorful plant, it is best to tattoo it if you are planning to get a colorful tattoo. Making it black and white would really ruin the appearance of the tattoo and make it lose its most precious asset, its color. We bet that many won’t even tell a difference and are going to think that you got a bird tattoo instead of flower tattoo, because this flower is truly unique when it comes to appearance.

When choosing the right tattoo for you, make sure you determine the size you want and then it will be easier for you to choose where to place the tattoo. If you have a larger tattoo in mind, then back is the perfect place for such a tattoo. Smaller or middle size tattoos can be placed on your arms and legs, since too big of a design is hard to present nicely on tight space.

Bird of paradise flower tattoo should be placed alone and not among other designs that are going to look “crowded” together with this colorful flower. Place it somewhere where it is going to stand out from the rest and don’t incorporate it in colorful tattoos since this kind of beauty deserves to be in the spotlight.

Bird of paradise tattoo is a symbol of uniqueness, creativity, standing out from the crowd and beauty. If you find any of these characteristics suitable with your character, then it is going to be a perfect tattoo for your body.

Make sure you go through design ideas with your tattoo artist and choose someone who is skilled at colorful tattoos, if you want to get a perfect representation of this flower. You can add a bird or Hummingbird next to it, to make the design cohesive and picturesque.


Bird of Paradise flower tattoo is a great tattoo idea for everyone who is looking for something unique and different. If you are the type of person who stands out and is never a part of the crowd, then this tattoo is going to perfectly represent your character.

This unusual flower is somewhat deceiving because of it “bird-like” appearance and it can also represent this deceiving part of someone’s character.

Bird of Paradise flower should be done by a skilled artist if you really want to capture the beauty of this flower and represent it in the right way.

Make sure to choose a colorful tattoo because choosing the black and white one wouldn’t make sense. All the beautiful colors of this flower would be lost and you wouldn’t have its beauty represented in the right way. Overall, this beautiful flower is going to stand out on your body and make everyone wonder, what the beautiful design on your body is.

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