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Buying tattoo ink can be a stressful exercise, especially when it comes to skin tone tattoo ink. You may even find yourself wondering if you even need to buy skin tone tattoo ink, since, you know, your canvas is skin toned?

Well, you definitely need some skin tone tattoo inks on your shelf, particularly if you love doing color portraits. You’ll need it to work in some highlights and shadows. 

The thing with skin tone tattoo ink is that you need to make sure you’re buying the right kind. For it to qualify as the best skin tone tattoo ink, it needs to be pigmented enough that it actually shows up on your client’s skin, and on top of that, it needs to be durable. One way to get both of these boxes ticked is to buy from reputable and trusted brands. 

Best Skin Tone Tattoo Ink:

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Here is a list of factors you need to look for when choosing the best skin tone tattoo ink:

  • Brand reputation
  • Quality
  • Ingredients
  • Performance
  • Health and safety 

Buying ink from a reputable and trusted brand is absolutely paramount no matter the shade you’re looking for. Brands that are serious about creating only the best high-quality ink on the market pay attention to the necessary health and safety regulations. 

These brands also use ingredients that are safe for the skin. This means you can use the tattoo ink on your customers’ skins without worrying about allergic reactions or other negative side effects. In fact, for your peace of mind, you should never drop your standards when it comes to tattoo ink ingredients.

Also, these ingredients should be tested (preferably not on animals) to eliminate any risk of complications. Heavy metals are a hard no when it comes to tattoo ink. You know what, to save yourself time and worry, go for brands that make vegan or organic tattoo ink. This way you’ll know that the ingredients are good for you.

Your customers’ tattoos will look bright and fresh months, even years after getting them done all thanks to the durability and performance of these inks. 

This brings us to the best skin tone tattoo ink on the market.

1. Kuro Sumi Skin Tone Colour Tattoo Ink: Best Overall

If there’s one brand out there that the mere mention triggers a nod of approval by tattoo artists the world over then Kuro Sumi is it. This brand brings a lot to the table and their skin tone tattoo ink is no exception. The ink is made from only the highest quality ingredients, which take to the skin in long-lasting and vivid strokes. The ink has superior consistency which makes it great for lining, shading, and color-packing. 

Since it is made from all-natural ingredients, you can use it on your clients knowing that any allergic reaction or sensitivity is unlikely. 

What’s more, you can mix white into Kuro Sumi skin tone tattoo ink to lighten it to a shade you’re happy with. 

What makes Kuro Sumi one of the best skin tone tattoo inks on the market?

  • It’s not tested on animals. 
  • It is a well-known and trusted brand. 
  • It contains only natural ingredients. 

2. World Famous Skin Tone Tattoo Ink: Professional Choice 

Professionals believe in World Famous tattoo ink. Why? Well, not only is it entirely vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, but World Famous uses only top-class ingredients that are proven safe to use. After this much-loved formula gets mixed, it is sterilized by gamma radiation to kill any nasties that may cause an infection. 

But that’s not the only reason why World Famous stands out from other tattoo inks. This brand invests a lot into their packaging to keep it tamper-proof and in line with safety regulations. The bottle is made from crystal-flex with a secure twist cap. The label is waterproof so you’ll also know you’re reaching for your trusty World Famous skin tone tattoo ink. 

Counterfeiting is a major problem in the tattoo industry and we’re thankful that brands are spending a little extra on packaging to keep clients safe.

World Famous tattoos are also super pigmented with proven durability. Let’s face it, with a name like World Famous, they have a reputation to live up to, so you can be sure that they’re giving it their best.

Why choose World Famous as your skin tone tattoo ink of choice?

  • It is vegan-friendly. 
  • Professionals around the globe endorse it. 
  • It has tamper-proof packaging. 
  • It is highly pigmented.

3. Mom’s Millenium Tattoo Ink: Most Trusted Brand 

It’s very unlikely that you don’t know Millennium Moms tattoo ink or Mom’s ink for short. This is a super popular ink and for good reason: it is made by one of the most trusted brands in the industry. As a tattoo artist, you want to use ink that compliments your skill, and with Mom’s ink, your tattoos will shine. 

Mom’s ink has been around since 1998 and their color palette is insane. In fact, they presently have over 120 hues and you can be sure that quite a few of them are skin tone tattoo inks. Their ink is made from pure and homogenized dispersed pigments which means you can expect high-pigment ink going into your clients’ skins. 

We also appreciate that Mom’s ink goes through thorough testing to make sure it has the consistency, flow rate, and pigment life that the world has come to know and love. Mom’s ink is also vegan friendly and due to the quality of these natural ingredients, tattoos also heal faster. 

Why choose Millennium Moms as your best skin tone tattoo ink?

  • It has a great consistency. 
  • It contains pure pigments for vibrant tattoos.
  • It is durable and long-lasting.
  • It is made by a trusted brand.

4. Viking Ink: Best for Darker Skin


Finding the right tattoo ink can be challenging when you have darker-skinned clients in mind. Luckily, brands like Viking Ink know the struggle and developed their ink with everyone in mind; their skin color ink for tattoos works great on darker skin tones. Why? Because it is extremely pigmented. Professional tattoo artists agree: Viking Ink tattoo ink takes to darker skin like a duck to water and your client will walk away with a bright tattoo that will last for a long time. 

If you’re finding it difficult to find just the right tone, you can blend Viking Ink tattoo inks together until you get the tone you’re happy with. Overall, Viking Ink is a high-end brand that is known for great quality inks that outperform many of its peers. 

Oh, and the fact that Viking Ink is cruelty-free and vegan means it definitely belongs on our list of best skin tone tattoo inks! 

Why choose Viking Ink? 

  • Works great on darker skins. 
  • Is highly pigmented. 
  • Is high-performance and long-lasting.
  • Is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. 

Final Thoughts  

Apart from your tattoo machine, the ink you use is probably one of the most essential investments you need to make. You may be the best tattoo artist in the world but when you use the wrong tattoo ink, your name and reputation will suffer.

Let’s face it, cheap ink isn’t as pigmented and durable as more expensive inks, and when it comes to skin tone tattoo ink, pigmented and durable ink is exactly what you want! 

When choosing a tattoo ink—it doesn’t matter what color or tone—remember to buy from reputable and trusted brands. These brands are serious about making tattoo ink, so you can expect to get only the best when you support them. Your clients will thank you as the tattoo experience and tattoo healing process will be much better, and their tattoos will continue to look vibrant for years to come. 

All that’s left to do is decide which brand on our list of best skin tone tattoo inks you want to try out! Whichever one you choose, we are confident that you’ll be happy! 

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