Beetle Tattoo – Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

The history of tattooing and painting of the body of debt is like the history of mankind. Cave people are also believed to have drawn on their bodies, and examples of ritual painting in Inca, Maya, and ancient Egyptians, tribes from Evora, Asia, and South America are known. In the time of ancient Greece, tattoos served as a punishment, so tattooed were mainly slaves. Today, tattoos are an increasingly fashionable phenomenon.

Whether you like it or not, it’s a matter of taste and personal choice. However, the question arises why someone has the need to decorate his skin with some drawing or text for his entire life? Perhaps the moments written or symbolized by a picture are currently meaning a lot, but in the course of the years we are changing ourselves and the trends, evolving our thoughts, the bodies are being transformed, so the big question is whether we will want to look at the body in 20-30 years the present moment makes it a great choice.

Why people are tattooing themselves, paint a large part of the body, is a question with which psychologists and sociologists dealt by for a long time. Namely, they claim that tattoos, piercing and other ways of decorating the body speak a lot about the personality of a person.

Older research has found pathology in tattooed people, and today scientists mainly deal with the “emotional background” of painting the body and claim that it is a “mental presentation of the feeling of one’s own body.” The image we have about our body is the basis of the images of our personality in general, and how much the body has become important in modern times, testifies to frequent plastic surgeries and the desire to look differently.

Psychiatrists are studying tattooed for a long time and tend to tattoo in connection with certain psychological disorders (schizophrenia, personality disorder), or with unfavorable social conditions (poverty).

However, there are those who claim that people who like tattoos, mostly artistic souls, are unstable, stable. They show a higher degree of empathy, impulsiveness and adventurism.

Experts claim that the mental state of tattooed people, however, is significantly worse than the rest. They say that this is because they want to change their lives, but they are often not sure in what direction that change should go.

According to the results of the research, they are prone to a new, more risky and exciting behavior, but are often unable to control such a need. They do not suffer from fear and depression, but, as a rule, their mental state is more labile and more susceptible to mental illness.

The research involved more than two thousand people and led to the result that tattooed people and people with piercing are generally not satisfied with the place they live in, the environment in which they are located and the jobs they are dealing with. Images on the body and earrings in “strange” places are their “inner rebound, manifested in an external image.”

Another interesting result of the research says that there is a big difference between people who have only one tattoo and those whose bodies are painted many times. These first, they say, are very aware of the world around them and they know well what and why they want, while the second category of people is characterized as more labile, insecure, and deeply unhappy.

Meaning and Symbolism

The beetle or scarab was a symbol of the sun in ancient Egypt. Also called Pillendreher, the scarab in ancient Egypt gained great importance; although only a relatively small invertebrate. This is related to the fact that the scarab beetle creates a ball of dung (dung balls), which he not only rolls in front of him but also deposits his eggs in it, from which larvae emerge and later hatch the young beetles. A process that the ancient Egyptians observed early, but obviously did not realize that the beetles hatch from larvae. For them, however, it was cause to assume that new life, like the creation (according to Creation myths), arises out of nothing.

Beetle Tattoo - Meanings, Symbolism, Designs and Ideas

Furthermore, the way the scarab pushes the dung ball in front of him, for the Egyptians an image of the sun as it appears daily in the morning above the horizon. They equated the scarab with the god of the rising sun, called Chepre.

Chepre depicted the rising sun. However, to complete the daily sunshine by day, the sun turned to noon in Re-Harrachet (= “Re-Horus on the horizon”) and in the evening in Atum (God of the setting sun). Then, at night, walk through the underworld to renew itself at the end of the night to rejuvenate and resurrect as Chepre (pictured below) in the morning.

Here to call the stone image in Karnak, built under Amenhotep III. At the northern corner of the sacred lake. Widely used in the land of Egypt were jewelry, seals and amulets in scarab form. Many seals, amulets, paintings and carvings with scarab motifs have been preserved. They were worn to attract light and warmth. In the form of small soapstone or clay figurines, or of precious stones, and often set in gold, they were also given to the dead as a symbol of renewed life in their graves; they put her on the mummies.

The Scarab is for the dead – and the living – a sign and guarantor of life, which arises again and again. Anech, “The Living One”, is a denomination of the scarab.

Then there are the so-called commemorative scarabs (picture below), which were made especially for the king. “Commemorative Scarab” is the term for relatively large scarabs on whose base surfaces a hieroglyphic text is engraved with important events. From Amenhotep III. In his early reign years, five different editions of large-scale scarabs were ordered. The texts on the bases report important events that the ruler wanted to know about the easily distributable medium of a scarab known throughout the country.

Design and Ideas

Even though many of us think that a simple beetle is not that important in symbolic sense, we can see that it has a much deeper symbolical meaning than we might think. Beetle tattoos can surely be placed everywhere, because of it oval shape and characteristic appearance.

Beetle tattoos can vary from smaller tattoos to bigger ones that take much more space.

When you decide to get a beetle tattoo, make sure you inform yourself about the symbolism behind this tattoo and what it means to have a beetle tattoo on your body.

This can be a very creative idea for a tattoo, both in color and in black and white, so you can discuss with your tattoo artist which version you want to have on your body. Just make sure it captures something special for you and don’t just get something because it is currently in fashion.

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